10 Decor Changes to Upgrade Your Business

10 Decor Changes to Upgrade Your Business

Businesses need upgrading from time to time, especially in terms of decor. Not only does it keep your staff motivated, but customers will be invigorated and inspired too. There’s also loads of functional value.

What you do will depend on the style of your business. You may add outdoor blinds Melbourne residents like for their viewing capacity. A touch of paint perhaps? Some beautiful signage? There are a large number of options, and this article will help you choose.

Consider All the Senses

When you walk into a business, you don’t simply want your visual senses stimulated. Stimulate as many ones as possible. Attract customers through pleasant smells and sounds as well. Uplifting florals, or delicious cinnamon or chocolate aromas are bound to impress and draw people in.

Conversely, bad smells will repel. So always manage those!

Some calming music or catchy tunes will make people want to linger, and possibly buy more. Also use colours and thematic décor suited to your brand that attract people’s attention.

Invest in an Exceptional Storefront

Your name and the luxury of your brand—along with the aesthetic of your building—can draw people in or scare them away. Pay keen attention to lettering, style, unnecessary clutter and providing clear walkways for easy movement to the interior of your space.

For window dressing, you need to change your products or layout twice a month. Show you’ve got new items for everyone to discover or showcase your customer favourites. Make sure the views are bold and colourful to catch people’s eyes.

Make an Eye-catching Entranceway

To complement the storefront, the entrance to your store needs to be the place that speaks about your business the most subtly. If you ensure it’s unobtrusive, yet adds to the feel of the place, you’ve done well. Keep it clean, but welcoming.

Clear the Clutter

Can customers find objects in your store easily? And can they move through the aisles seamlessly? If not, move and remove items to create an open feel. You can always keep extra stock at the back instead of in the store.

Practical tips for a clutter-free atmosphere:

  • Create a pathway for mothers with prams.
  • Make sure children can’t knock things over.
  • Ensure the store is neat, with products very easy to find thanks to clear signage.

Create a Power Wall

A wall that draws immediate attention inside the store will cause customers to walk to it and explore that area. Make sure your most expensive and best-selling products are on display there. Remember that most people turn right, or walk to the right-hand side when they enter a store. Therefore, the best place for your wall is at the back of the store, to the right.

What should the wall look like?

  • Use an accent wall of bright colours
  • Create a wall filled with plants.
  • Perhaps you could opt for specials of the day up there.

Whatever it is, give it your best effort in terms of creativity and selling-points.

Using Lighting to Great Effect

Lighting, especially natural lighting, has a calming effect, and draws attention to areas. What’s more, it also enables customers to see—a most important feature—and can add significantly to the aesthetics of the room. Ensure that each shelf is well lit, and that your window displays have more than sufficient light.

Make Sure You Align Décor with Your Brand

Your décor, from custom outdoor blinds to the colours and layout of your store, needs to align with your brand and theme. So, if you have a store that sells antique furniture, don’t go for modern colours on your walls, or modern fonts for your lettering. Instead, use classic fonts to reflect your theme and purpose, and give a coherent feel to your marketing.

Make Your Store Look Bigger

For many business owners, there may simply be too little space in your shop. After all, floor space is expensive! Does everything begin to look cluttered and messy? The best is to open it up with light colours, and the strategic use of mirrors. Mirrors will give the illusion of double the space, and adds quite a bit of extra lighting in the process as well.

Maximise Displays

Your focus needs to be on how you display your wares:

  • Displays need to be clean
  • Group like products together, in an aesthetically-pleasing way.
  • Make sure the tone, style and size of the display matches the tone, style and size of the room.

Create an Experience Area

People enjoy shops that allow them to have experiences other than shopping. A reading corner in a bookshop where books are discussed is one idea. Or a baking class in a kitchen utensils shop will make the customers come to you again and again. What will work for YOUR industry and audience?


You have chosen to redecorate your store. Quite a challenge in these competitive times. Use our tips and tricks to get you started on revamping the decor, and potentially getting many new customers—those who will become your most loyal supporters.



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