4 Most Popular Methodologies of Rubber Extruder

4 Most Popular Methodologies of Rubber Extruder

Do you have an idea about rubber mold or rubber extrusion? As the name suggests, it is made of rubber on a rubber extruder machine. As per diverse mold constructions and manufacturing methods, the shapes can be separated into four parts:

  1. Pressing die
  2. Die casting mold
  3. Injection mold
  4. Extrusion die

Additionally, other than for the previously mentioned four sorts, there are some unique rubber molds, like inflatable shape, elastic plunge form, etc. To assist you with getting comfortable with the rubber mold. This article will present its common sorts in detail in the following pointers:

The Pressing Die is What Comes First

The pressing die is what comes first. It is also known as the general die. The principal material for this form is the semi-completed rubber. This semi-completed material is prepared through blending through the retrofitting of extrusion lines.

The blending process is a sort of elastic assembling strategy. This process helps the rubber and a wide range of frill fixings combine as one and consequently improves the plastic and flow property of rubber.

After the semi-completed rubber is placed into the die, the die is compressed and heated in the plate vulcanizing machine. At that point by methods for compression and heating, the pressing die is shaped.

Die casting mold

The next type is die-casting mold. It is also known as transfer-type mold. The fundamental material is the semi-completed rubber or the slab rubber. People put the material into the pit of the die casting mold on a rubber extrusion machine. At that point, the pressing factor of the die-casting plug crushes the sizing material.  

Injection mold

The third kind is injection mold. It is also a sort of rubber mold. This mold is produced using the sizing material in the plastic state. By the use of the pouring frameworks of the injection mold, the sizing material is vulcanized. The mold has an extremely perplexing design. Besides, its production efficiency is very high with unmatched and stable quality. The rubber extruder machine works well here.

Extruder die

To wrap things up, the extrusion die is also a common rubber mold. The principal material in this is the semi-completed rubber. Compared with other rubber shapes, the manufacturing process of this die is more intricate. Its features are like the injection mold. It offers high production proficiency and stable quality. Simultaneously, it can understand automatic production as well.

Concluding Remarks

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