Best Social Media Marketing Tools In 2022

Best Social Media Marketing Tools In 2022

There are nearly 3.8 billion social media users worldwide, which is hard to ignore. This makes it understandable why 92% of marketers consider social media marketing to be vital to their business. That being said, social media marketing per se can be quite time-consuming as it spans a diverse set of tasks, including content development, analysis, graphic designing, and so forth.

Smart marketers must utilize social media marketing tools to make it easier to execute all such tasks. In this blog, we shall explore a set of tools increasingly used by smart marketers the world over.

Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is an excellent social media marketing tool for its all-around functionality and can be advantageous for both businesses and agencies. It helps track conversations and brand mentions and can help schedule your future postings for your target audience at the right time. Besides this, the tool even allows monitoring of multiple social channels while gauging the success of your social media strategy across channels.

Pricing: $40 per month or $480 per year

2. Sprout Social

It is an all-in-one social media tool that allows social media managers to have better control over their tactics. In addition, there is a provision for multi-level access that makes it easier to coordinate or delegate tasks within a large group.

Moreover, it allows advanced scheduling of posts, has in-depth analytics capability, and even boasts of social listening capability. This makes it one of the stand-out tools that allow improvements in engagement and betterment in client relationships while allowing managers to remain on track with their social marketing plan.

Pricing: Allows free trial for 30 days | Standard plan: $99 per user per month | Advanced Plan: $249 per user per month

3. BuzzSumo

This tool is better equipped for research purposes. It allows users to discover the most popular or shared content on social media based on its repository of vast up-to-date data. In addition, the search scope is not limited to websites alone but extends to other domains. Therefore, it is especially useful for content writers to generate ideas, monitor, and create high-quality content within short periods.

In addition, it allows tracking of competitor sites while providing knowledge on trending topics allowing one to create content with better traction. This tool can even find influencers related to specific topics, proving its mettle as a research-based social media tool. While creating social media videos, it is good to use a video editor from InVideo.

Pricing: Pro Plan: $99 per month | Enterprise Plan: $499 per month | Users can also opt for yearly billing.  

4. Mention

The tool has been created for media listening. In other words, it fulfils the needs of businesses who are keen on knowing what is being said about the brand on different social media channels. Mention monitors and identifies your brand narrative and your competition with in-depth insights and reports.

The tool allows businesses to build and reinforce relationships while generating leads and safeguarding brand reputation. To put this in perspective, it tracks over 1 billion sources across the internet to bring you the latest reports and insights. It even showcases information through elaborate dashboards built into the tool. In addition, users can control the dissemination of information within a corporate environment through user privileges within the tool. 

Pricing: Free 14-day Free Trial Available | Solo Plan: $29 per month | Enterprise Plan: $450 per month | Users can also avail of yearly plans

5. InVideo

This is a partly free video editor that allows the creation of attractive graphics and videos for their social media postings. The stand-out feature of the tool is its user-friendliness, which allows even non-professionals to create impressive creatives. Several ready-made templates can be utilised with a drag and drop interface to create impressive designs.

The best thing about the tool is that it is web-based and does not require any installation. There are over 5000 templates and over 5 million stock images, videos, and graphics on the InVideo website to give you some idea.

Pricing: Offers a free version without a credit card | Business Plan: $15 per user per month | Unlimited Plan: $30 per user per month

6. Buffer

Buffer is specifically built for scheduling posts on any social media platform. The tool is strictly for content scheduling and does not offer too many features. That being said, it does offer two main products, namely –

The great thing about Buffer is that it allows the creation, publishing, or scheduling of content with one simple dashboard. In addition, this tool allows the creation of tailored posts for each social channel, allows analysis of user reactions to posts. And schedules posts with a great deal of customization.

Pricing (Buffer Publish): 14-day Free Trial Available | Pro Plan: $15 per month | Business Plan: $99 per month | Users can also avail of yearly plans

Pricing (Buffer Analyze): 14-day Free Trial Available | Pro Plan: $35 per month | Business Plan: $50 per month | Users can also avail of yearly plans

7. Hootsuite

This is a well-known social media tool that allows the management of multiple profiles on a single dashboard. The tool is especially popular because it can view all comments and mentions in a single window. You can even assign tasks, post on different channels, and schedule updates. Besides this, it allows easy collaboration between team members.

The tool allows connecting with customers through media listening and analytics while providing detailed analytics data. In addition, businesses can monitor multiple social media streams on one channel with the provision for managing customer service with the help of the tool.

Pricing: 30-day Free Trial Available | Professional Plan: $19 per month | Business Plan: $599 per month

Final Thoughts

There are enough tools in the market for augmenting your social media efforts. However, enough care must be taken to understand your needs vis-à-vis the social media tools you seek to buy. It would be good to do a cost-benefit analysis or try out the free trial before buying one.

Also, it is highly suggested that you need to start small with each tool and see how it fulfils your needs. Keep a small set of tools before embarking on extending your range. Overall, it is about tools supporting your marketing efforts without being completely dependent on them.