Is it Cheaper to Build Your Own Electric Longboard?

Is it Cheaper to Build Your Own Electric Longboard?

This article is more of a “guide” on how to build an electric longboard. The end result is a board that can go approximately 18-19 mph and has a range between 10 – 15 miles.  The construction of the electric longboard took me about 16 hours, although I had never built anything with a deck before.

After a few weekends of shopping around the internet, I was able to come up with all of the necessary parts for around $250. A decent longboard can go for as much as $300, so this is a significant saving.  I wanted something where I could ride it to campus every day but didn’t want to spend too much money abroad.

So, Without Further Introduction Build Your Own Electric Longboard

Find the motor

The first step is to find the motor. The ones I use are from EXtreme MTB on eBay. It’s about $80 with free shipping (at the time of writing this article), so it’s not too bad. You can also find them on Amazon, but they’re pretty expensive there.

Speed controller (ESC)

The next thing you need is the speed controller (ESC). I got mine off of eBay for about $40, but they’re widely available, and most people tend to prefer buying one that has already been configured for their motor.


The next thing to help is the battery. I originally got mine from eBay, but it was pretty bad (and broke after 4 months). I highly recommend getting your battery from eBay or amazon (he’s local to me). His prices are about $140 for a 2S, which is enough to give the motor about 400-500 watts of power.

Bigger brands typically have quite good motors, and I was not disappointed. However, if you want the cheapest option available, go for smaller brands or local motors.

Connect all of the wire

Now you need to connect all of the wires. I connected to mine by soldering them together with a lighter for about 5 minutes at a time. Then, I taped it up with electrical tape. After that, I ran some more wire through each wheel and soldered those to the motor’s leads. After that, you should be done! You can ride your new electric longboard around, and you probably won’t have any problems.

Wheels & trucks

One thing to note is that the longboard I used wasn’t very sturdy. If you want your board to be durable, then it’s probably best to get another deck and some stronger trucks (and bearings). Keep in mind, though, if it doesn’t go fast enough for you (i.e., 20mph), you can always upgrade your battery. That’ll make it even cheaper AND faster!

This is how it usually comes out looking

After that, it’s a matter of finding some trucks and wheels. I usually shop mine on an online store. If you’re going to be riding over rough surfaces (i.e., concrete), then it’s best to go with the 80mm/82a wheels from Seismic/Inboardz.

Congratulations on completing your DIY electric longboard!

Roughly calculations of 5 spare parts.

1. Find motor and speed controller: $80 each

2. Get battery: $140 for 2S @ 500 watts

3. Buy trucks and wheels: Depends on your personal preference; I bought mine for $20

4. Solder together the wires (optional): Cost depends on how much you spend on solder, but it’s probably cheaper than buying a connector

5. Get trucks and wheels for durability: Optional


Is it cheaper to build your electric longboard? The answer is yes, but there are some tradeoffs. It’s cheaper to build an electric longboard than buying one off the shelf, and it can be a fun DIY project for those who enjoy tinkering with things or working on projects in their spare time.

However, you will need to invest significantly more time into researching what materials and parts you need as well as actually building your board from scratch if that’s what you choose to do. This may not be worth it for someone just looking for a quick fix or solution without much interest in getting hands-on involved with the process of creating something new and unique out of nothing. Our advice? If this sounds like something up your alley – go ahead! But make



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