Car Accessories You Need for Your Next Road Trip

Car Accessories You Need for Your Next Road Trip

A good plan is like a road map, it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there. So you’re quite aware about the downsides of a long trip by a car. There are traffic, road overhauling and dull hours with nothing a beautiful sight to amuse you. With this in mind, any devices or equipment that help the journey all the more fun and safer is going to be worth the cost. From entertainment to safety essentials, here are some car accessories you’re going to need for your next road trip.

Car Accessories You Need for Your Next Road Trip

New Head Unit

Without a head unit, a road trip can be insufferably boring and dull. What better car accessories there is to keep you entertained while your eyes are on the road? Now, your old head unit might no longer be as good as before. Consider making a complete change on your sound system to make the travelling all the more exciting.

Video Head Unit

To save yourself from being constantly asked whether or not you’ve finally reached your destination, install a video head unit to keep the rest of the group entertained as well.

GPS Unit

It’s quite sensible to carry a GPS unit with you while travelling as it provides more than enough convenience of driving along on roads that you’re not quite familiar with. Such a device can also help you locate points of interest, such as restaurants, hotels and gas stations.

Bullbar Car Accessories

Otherwise known as bumper guards and grille guards, bullbars protect your vulnerable front end components from any collisions while adding off-road and tough-looking appearance to your car.

Power Splitter

If you have more devices rather than outlets, a power splitter is definitely a great help. It keeps your GPS navigator and mobile phones plugged in while the rest of the group charge their gadgets and game systems as well. Just avoid overtaxing the circuit with an extremely huge current load.

Swamp Cooler

Rolling the window down to cool you for a jiffy will not always suffice. More often than not, what you really need is a swamp cooler to reduce heat especially on a hot summer road trip.

Power Inverter

When you want to utilise AC-powered accessories on the road, you need to have a power inverter. Such tool comes in various configurations. Some of them are safe to use for fragile electronics while others might be otherwise.

Jump Box

Sure, help is just a text or call away whenever problems hit you while on the road. However, being prepared might be a better strategy. You’ll never know what could happen on the road. Your phone’s battery might be dead or you might get stranded in a place where there’s no service coverage.

Such scenarios make you thank yourself for deciding to bring along a jump box. Jump boxes also vary. Some only features a gel pack battery and jumper cables while others include tyre pumps, sirens, radios and lights.

Tire Pressure Monitor System

One of the worst things you can encounter while travelling the unknown roads is a frustrating halt due to a flat tyre. To avoid such scenario, carry along a tyre pressure monitoring system. Such system features a sensor and transmitter for both tyres thereby keeping you informed whether or not it’s time to change your tyres.

Beverage Cooler

When the heat suddenly becomes intolerable, you probably need to quench your thirst or get yourself something to cool you down. Include a

Volt cooler

In your list as it can keep your water and other refreshments cool while you’re driving. An ice chest would also come in handy, however, you might end up dumping and refilling it once the ice melts.



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