35+ Free Blog Submission Sites List 2021

35+ Free Blog Submission Sites List 2021

Blogging is an important off page optimization activity, where you submit the blogs content to blog submission sites etc. This allows you to render new and fresh content to your readers regularly so that they keep visiting your website.

Free blog submission sites enable you to submit your content or blog post free. It helps increase the Off page SEO ranking with high DA, PA with do-follow backlinks. It is a great way to promote your blogs and business websites as well.

Blog submission sites allow you to submit your blog or blog posts, so you gain more exposure and build some backlinks to your website. Also Use: Ping Submission sites

What is Blog Submission in SEO?

Blogging is a process as you would have to write and post the blogs content regularly. You need to keep in mind while writing that your content should be informative and unique to attract more readers and search engines.

High DA Blog Submission Sites help in making your blog visible to a huge audience. They help promote your blog, all you need to do is fill in some important information about your blog and submit them on these websites. These sites help in boosting on the SERP and the overall performance of your blog.

Benefits of Blog Submission Sites

If used correctly, then these websites can help you in various ways. Remember that you should submit your blog to High DA Blog Submission Sites and not spam blog submission sites. Here are some of the advantages of Blog Submission Sites: Also Use: Image submission sites

  1. By posting blogs regularly, you can provide fresh and informative content to the readers. Search engines like to index new content where you can use nice keywords to get more exposure on SERP.
  2. You need to know that SEO is a vital tool for making a blog or online business profitable. Without quality backlinks, it is really tough to get a good ranking on the Google search engine results page. These sites help you generate quality links without charging you anything.
  3. These sites would help you connect with the readers easily as you can ask questions, feedback, or comments at the end of the blog.
  4. Boost Domain Authority (DA). Google easily ranks a blog post that has high DA. The major benefit is that it stays at the top of various searches. The Moz team gave the metric of Domain Authority.
  5. If your blog comprises useful information, the readers will share it with others. You can share your blog’s link on various social media platforms or email the information to others. This way, you are doing free marketing for yourself.

These were some of the significant benefits of blog submission. Now, let us learn how you can do it easily.

How to make a Blog Submission?

There are a few steps that you would have to follow to make a blog submission. Let’s get started and know how you can do it quickly:

  1. Before submitting your blog, first, check on your blog’s quality. Ensure that your blog is unique and contains such information that attracts customers. If you submit a poorly written blog on the site, you would also be able to submit it on the site, but the results won’t be that great.
  2. When you submit the blog to the blog submission sites, you would have to fill in a few details about your blog. Various information needs to be filled in a description, blog title, email, homepage URL, etc.

3. Fill in all the details correctly and select the category of the blog accurately. You can utilize the description section of the blog to mention the purpose of the blog.

4. On usually all the blog submission sites, you would be asked to confirm the blog by sending a link to your email before submitting. Do remember to click on that link; a few people forget to impact the submission process.

35+ Free Blog Submission Sites List 2021 High DA

  1. https://www.blogarama.com/
  2. https://blogengage.com/
  3. https://wordpress.com/
  4. https://www.ontoplist.com/
  5. https://blogengage.com/
  6. https://hatenablog.com/
  7. https://yarabook.com/
  8. https://www.indiblogger.in/
  9. https://www.blogadda.com/
  10. https://www.over-blog.com/
  11. https://www.tumblr.com/
  12. http://webnode.com/
  13. https://www.weebly.com/
  14. https://www.blogger.com/
  15. http://yolasite.com/
  16. https://dailygram.com/
  17. https://www.bloggingfusion.com/
  18. https://blog.quora.com/
  19. https://alltop.com/
  20. https://getwebpromotions.com/
  21. https://10ztalk.com/
  22. https://justpaste.it/
  23. https://www.soup.io/
  24. https://www.bloggingfusion.com/
  25. https://www.blogs-collection.com/submit/
  26. https://www.blog-ville.com/
  27. https://www.blogdirectory.net/
  28. https://boingboing.net/
  29. https://alltop.com/
  30. http://www.blogflux.com/
  31. http://www.bloghub.com/
  32. http://www.bloglisting.net/
  33. http://www.bloglisting.net/
  34. https://www.blogs-collection.com/
  35. https://www.9sites.net/

Use above mentioned Blog submission sites and get more exposure and more traffic for your blog and website. After submitting share your blog live URL to social media sites for quick indexing and achieve more social traffic.



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