How to Create Alluring Guest Accommodation – 9 Features to Upgrade Your Space

How to Create Alluring Guest Accommodation – 9 Features to Upgrade Your Space

The joys of finally owning your very own guest lodge! Now you have a place where you can welcome people. Of course, it must be a place that people will want to come to again and again. What can you do to make it an inviting spot? How will you make it irresistible?

Whether you choose a skylight installation Melbourne residents are so fond of, or a peaceful garden, there are many options to discuss, and to experiment with. This article discusses some tips and hints to make it the ‘go-to’ holiday spot for guests.

Peaceful Garden

If you have an outside area, it’s ideal to create a garden. It should be an area that’s peaceful, calm and harmonious for guests who want to enjoy some quiet and rest from all the noise in the world. Possible features:

  • Place benches in tiny arbours.
  • Add some running water.
  • Use shrubs, creepers, trees and flowers to create a total garden experience.
  • Create some pathways of stone or wood for them to enjoy walking along.

Cosy Fireplace

There’s nothing more inviting than the crackling of a fireplace. A hearth will draw people in, and fascinate and warm for hours on end. The smell of smoke is also alluring, and you can add fragranced wood to the fireplace to enhance the experience.

It’s also a social place, where people gather together and tell stories. So, all in all, a fireplace is a winner.

Maximise Natural Light

Add some natural light through Velux skylight installation. The calmness and freshness of that light in, an entranceway or bedroom will add to the positive experience of your guests. And imagine being able to look up at the stars at night!

Furthermore, you can have floor-to-ceiling windows. Sunlight will add warmth and lightness to a room, while illuminating all objects inside in flattering light.

At night, you can bring in many candles, or chandeliers with multiple tiny lights. You’ll create a romantic atmosphere by doing so, and help people create good memories from their stay.

Add Small Details

There are so many tiny details that go towards making a guest happy. It’s worth taking the time to incorporate some of these:

  • Paper roses on toilet paper.
  • Soap holders that are decorated with artwork.
  • Curtains over the bath.
  • Cute décor like teddy bears all over, to carry a theme
  • Textured rugs for aesthetic and insulating a room.

These small details often lead to the most conversation—another element of a happy stay.


The colour scheme and the pictures and throws are items you really need to think through as a whole.

Almost any colours can work, if you do it correctly. For example, choose a pink and green colour scheme for a cottage. You can have a pink kitchen with loads of florals. Even the dishtowels can be pink. It won’t be overbearing in a white room. Then, you could have a green lounge, with green carpet. The pillows on the beds could be layered, with many cushions creating a fun but comfortable feeling.

See? Get creative with your favourite hues!

Pictures to suit the style of your accommodation are always welcome. People can stare at them for long if they tell a story. Though part of the backdrop, they do have an effect on visitors.

Comfortable Furniture

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of accommodation is that furniture needs to be comfortable. This is especially true for beds, couches and dining chairs. Go for the best quality and you’ll have guests returning year after year. It’s worth the investment.

You can obtain beds that suit bad backs, which will please more than one of your visitors. Remember, you’ll have to replace them regularly, so factor that into your costs.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines that appeal to a number of interests can be left in strategic locations. People enjoy picking something up in passing and having interesting reading material to look at in their rooms when they try to relax. It’s what makes a holiday—having time out from the real world.


Towels are another one of those items that you really need to spend a lot of money on. Guests will remember you for the towels, and how soft they are. Additionally, they need to be clean and smell really fragrant. Visitors sometimes even take them away, because they enjoy them so much. Yet another expense to budget for!

What’s more, a heated towel rail is always appreciated. It makes a big difference after a bath or shower, especially in winter.


Never forget: your overarching theme must be consistent throughout the property. From the entranceway to the bathrooms, the mirror frame to the lampshades, keep to one idea. The sense of cohesion goes a long way in communicating style.


Owning guest accommodation can be fun, and bring great reward. Why not make it even more memorable for yourself and create allure with your own ideas, and your own hands? You have all the expert tips now



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