How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Error

How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Error

A 404 page not found error is an HTTP status code that means the page you were trying to reach on a website or bog couldn’t be found on their server.

404 Not Found error messages are customized by individual websites owner or developer. So, keep in mind that the error might show up in various formats. 404 page not found error pops up simply indicating that the requested page is not available. Something along the lines of 404 page not found. A 404 page error is the standardized HTTP status code. It is also knows as broken link or dead link.

A 404 Not Found Error can be Display in Various Format

  1. 404 Page Error
  2. 404 Not Found
  3. Error found 404
  4. The requested URL was not found on this server
  5. HTTP 404 error
  6. Error 404 Not Found
  7. Directory you are looking was Not Found
  8. HTTP 404 Not Found
  9. 404 Page Not Found
  10. Error 404. The page you’re looking for can’t be found.

The 404 page error generally display while you are opening any live link or url on the browser, it means website link or url  has been removed or moved to another URL.

Cause of 404 Not Found Errors

A 404 page Error is a client-side error, happing when you typed the URL incorrectly or the page has been moved or removed from the website or blog

Generally a website or blog owner does not aware about that, their website has 404 pages or some links of website are not working properly. It can be fix immediate otherwise you can lost your audience or visitor.

How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Error

  1. Refresh Webpage by pressing F5, clicking/tapping the refresh/reload button
  2. Many times this error appears because the wrong link or url typed that was selected points to the wrong URL
  3. To find Use the website’s searches functions or go through website navigation to find right one
  4. Delete the your browser cache and cookies
  5. Use a search engine or SERP to find existing website URL or relevant URL

Finally you need to resolve 404 page not found error because HTTP 404 errors can damage a website’s ranking and reputation. The 404 page created by developer to show the user that they are searching wrong URL or typed wrong spelling.



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