How to Freshen Up Your Home Decor with Minimal Effort

How to Freshen Up Your Home Decor with Minimal Effort

You may be one of those people who love decorating and sprucing up your home. So, you may be in constant need of new ideas. Luckily, there are many dynamic yet affordable and easy methods to choose from to brighten up and freshen the ambience of your home. You can add new cushions, or add the outdoor blinds Melbourne people love so much. Or you can add a fern or two. It doesn’t have to cost much!

Here are several easy upgrades you can consider to beautify your home, and create a peaceful, harmonious environment.

Give Old Furniture a Lick of Paint

Do you also have that set of drawers which has lost most of its paint years ago? You keep meaning to do something about it, but you never seem to get round to it. It causes some anxiety every time you look at it, right? So get it done—it’s easier than you expect.

Take it outside, borrow an electric sander and sand it down. Then, once you’ve put an undercoat on, paint it with paint that’s suitable for wood. Varnish it and you have a beautiful item to enjoy every time it catches your eye from now on.

Hang Some New Wall Art

Art can always capture one’s interest, and liven up a space. If you have the talent to create your own, then do so. It doesn’t have to be an amazing landscape. Simply abstract blocks of colour will do wonders to create aesthetic appeal in your space.

Alternatively, invest in a piece if its value will increase over time.

Add Some Greenery

Plants assist in lifting mood, and making your space feel more harmonious and in touch with nature. You can add anything from ferns to cactuses. They will add more oxygen to your living area and can help filter the air to some extent.

Plants are cheap but effective features. Simply make sure the style of plant and its container fits with the style of your room.

Light Up Your Rooms

Like colour, light plays a very strong role in affecting your emotions. Light doesn’t have to be top-down. You can add some floor lamps, and create softer, more ambient lighting in any room.

Rearrange the Furniture

A change is as good as a holiday. If you really can’t afford much, simply change the position of the furniture in the room. Simply ensure it’s still functional based on where electrical outlets are.

You can swap table and chairs between rooms, or create a different furniture layout. It can affect your mood but also your mind. After all, your brain has to renavigate the space, and that new information may be just what it needs.

Add Sheer Curtains

You may consider adding some sheer curtains Melbourne citizens tend to enjoy having in their homes. You don’t have to stick with white or cream. Add some colour. Sheer curtains add a little mystery and romance to a room, and the colour can function as an accent feature.


It’s time to get rid of some of those ornaments, or any décor item that looks worn or dated. Unless it’s valuable, throw it out. Tired, weary-looking features are just not helpful for making the most of your space. It can make a space look cluttered and old-fashioned—not inviting. Rather bring in something new and trendy that you’ll love to show off to visitors. That’s how you get excited about your home’s interior again.

Style Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked. If you can’t afford a new bathroom renovation, simply add some décor that fits with the room:

  • Shells in a bottle
  • Themed towels
  • Decorative bath products
  • Give the window a set of new curtains or blinds
  • Hang a plant from the ceiling

A little goes a long way in these compact spaces.

Buy a Rug. Or Two

Invest in a rug. Rugs give you a defined space, and enable you to create zones in your house. This is particularly important if you have large rooms. What’s more, it gives your room warmth since it insulates.

Spice up the Colour

Colour has the ability to make you feel better, and it adds vibrancy into your home. Options to use colour include:

  • Paint one wall an accent colour.
  • Change the entire colour palette of your room.
  • Use one colour in various features in a certain space to create a sense of unity.

You can use two colours and one neutral and it’s up to you to pick between pastels and bold, vibrant colours. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve in the room.

No need to go overboard though. Add a few touches, and you’ll experience the difference right away.

Upgrade Your Bedclothes and Bedroom Decor

Bedding and bedclothes require replacing now and then. New linens can actually help you sleep better. So, quilt covers, throws, cushions and pillowcases should be renewed or changed. In addition, new colours, patterns and textures will help you enjoy your personal areas much more.

Add some table lamps and backrests, and your décor is complete. And don’t forget that plant.


See? It takes only a few touches to make things looking prettier, friendlier, and more welcoming. Why not try one or two of these suggestions today? And share your own tips below.



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