How to Get Rid Of Social Media Addiction

How to Get Rid Of Social Media Addiction

Previously, say in nineties, we used to find kids who were inclined in learning the way to play the guitar or some musical instrument. Ten years from the, a decade back from now, we would find children, who were encouraged to find out ballet, hip-hop or maybe traditional sorts of dance. You would possibly do your regular exercise for hours together at the gym. But sadly, with today’s social media addiction, hobbies are appearing to take a back seat.


Youngsters and teenagers are endlessly getting engaged to their several social media platforms throughout the day. Many education consultants across the worlds are working and scheduling different programs in order to ensure the the students remain less addicted towards social media.

Social Media Addiction -The Problem of Bullying at New Level

Apart from this trouble related to the usage of social media platforms. The problem of social media bullying is additionally becoming a cause which can significantly be blamed for the rising rate of depression among adolescents.

You’ll can obviously go through your social media accounts once during a while. But you definitely can’t afford to let it become an obsession that is too for your own good. In this article, we would try to make you cognizant of a few creative ways on the way to leave social media addiction:

One of the first ways to get rid of social media addiction is to turn the notifications off every time, you get a notification alert via your buzz feed, and you get distracted. You’ll want to run to your telephone to ascertain what Facebook or Twitter updates are.

Again this is often a very easy task to undo the same. This can work great for students as well as for the professionals. This type of a social media addiction can make you get distracted from work or study. This way, you will find yourself barely ready to finish the given tasks on time.

Students who are too much enthusiastic about video games or social media are seen to obtain poor grades. They are also found to be unable to complete their homework daily. So you’ll need to get your mobile or laptop notifications restricted and muted is possible.

As a parent, you will always have the option to safeguard with parental lock on your son’s/daughter’s social media accounts. This is often a really good method that can successfully limit the access to the accounts of social media.

Time: The Precious Most Thing

Limit the quantity of your time you spend after Facebook, Twitter etc. From the perspective of parents, you want to be deciding ways and means which will be most suitable for getting rid of such social media addiction, both for you and for your kids. To save time, set a timer allowing you only to spend a predefined time after social media. Yes, it’s quite hard to contain the thrill of your teens. But you’ll need to be strict together with your children and ensure discipline in order to comply to the time limits.

Again, you don’t need to be too hard on them obviously. You can always allow them to have an hour or two after these social media access each day without much harm. Just set a timer, whenever your son/daughter starts to access these accounts via the mobile or tablet or personal computer or laptop. This way, you put the timer on.

Once the pre-set hour is found to be exhausted, try to distract him/her with something else. You can ask your kids to assist you with the cooking chores. Chopping veggies or maybe ask them to wash the car, in a single word. Anything other than social media which would make him/her engaged in fruitful manner. Add incentives to the method and tell them you’d give 10 dollars as against five for getting the task done. During a matter of minutes, then you will find your boy/girl coming out of social media.



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