An Analysis of the Flip Side of India’s Beauty Product Market

An Analysis of the Flip Side of India’s Beauty Product Market

The beauty industry in India is booming like never before with enormous growth potential. As of now, India is the second-largest country in the world from the point of view of the consumer market. In the past 20 years, the demand for beauty products has gone to a new high. This ever-growing demand has been attributed mainly to the following:

  • Exposure to global trends
  • Rising disposable income
  • Fast-changing lifestyle, and
  • The increasing number of females in workplaces.

The retail format has also contributed profusely to the phenomenal growth of the beauty products made and supplied by the leading private label cosmetics suppliers. These days, malls have become the most preferred destinations for shopping for people of all age groups. And genders not only in metro cities but also in mini-metro cities. These mega malls have created a big shelf space for all types of beauty products. The tremendous growth of ecommerce is also responsible for boosting the beauty business. All things considered, industry experts are predicting a very bright future for the beauty industry in India.

Things are very serious on the flip side

On the flip side, the market for fake, substandard, or spurious cosmetic beauty products is also flourishing in India. The fakes of imported products and the ones that are made by the unscrupulous manufacturers with the labeling of the reputed brands are damaging the health of common buyers including both males and females. Particularly, the customers who are on the lookout for discounts become a victim of these inferior quality products. The private label cosmetics wholesale India products have their personality and aura and they can never be sold at a price that is too good to be true. The Most In-Demand Personal Care Products

Online is where customers are befooled most

Keeping the same in mind, unprincipled manufacturers and suppliers across the country are making the most of the scenario through their fake or substandard products. Today, online shopping is not only a trend but also a habit people are accustomed to. Almost all the reputed and average companies are selling their products online. And needless to say, the beauty products produced by the reputed private label cosmetics suppliers are also there and being sold. But the dark or alarming side of online shopping is that a large number of counterfeit beauty products are also being sold online.

People buy counterfeit products under the mistaken belief

It is very difficult or almost impossible for a layman to make a difference between which products are fake or counterfeit and which are manufactured by the leading private label cosmetics wholesale India companies. The fakes of well-recognized and respected brands are generating huge business online. And unknowingly thousands of innocent customers are becoming the victims of such products every day.

Customers choose to purchase these products believing that they are buying the right kind of product because imitation of the packaging is done in the smartest way possible. All this is done by third-party sellers even on the most reputed online shopping destinations.

The Shahnaz Husain Brand has Already Faced it All

The Shahnaz Husain Brand, well known for Ayurvedic and herbal beauty products, has already gone through the hardest hit caused by the sale of fake or counterfeit products. According to news reports, a large number of products including stem cell-based cosmetics, serums, whitening creams, and make-up kits were being sold online in the name of The Shahnaz Husain Brand. When investigated thoroughly, it was found that the products were of very inferior quality. Being marketed by the unprincipled and unscrupulous third-party sellers online.

In the raids, no product was found manufactured by any leading manufacturer or any reputed private label cosmetics wholesale India Company. The online retail giants were also reported to have committed to the Drug Controller General of India saying that they would make all-out efforts to have a check upon the sale of such products. The most alarming thing about all this was that all the counterfeit products were found containing extremely harmful ingredients. As a result, the Shahnaz Husain Brand lost all its credibility that it achieved by spending decades in the market both in India and overseas.

Some Practical Tips for Not to be a Victim of Counterfeit Beauty Products 

It is very difficult to make a difference between fake products and the ones that are made. And supplied by the reputed private label cosmetics suppliers, but not impossible. Here is how:

  1. The modus operandi of the unscrupulous people who deal in counterfeit beauty products lies in making containers. And print labels that are copies of reputed brands. Although almost perfectly copied, some differences might be noticeable.
  2. At various times, the price of the counterfeit products being sold is too good to be true. Customers can go to the original website of the maker and compare prices to avoid getting a victim.
  3. So-called online mega sales on different occasions are the major events where customers are duped. Before grabbing such deals, customers can double-check the details by dialing the toll-free number of the original manufacturer.
  4. Online shopping destinations are mushrooming every other day in cyberspace offering too good to be true deals. Customers must choose to shop only on reputed and well-recognized online shopping destinations.
  5. To make sure customers are making the right purchase, taking the help of Google Images can also be a bright idea to settle for the right things as far as the originality of the outer appearance of the label is concerned.

Concluding Remarks

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