How to Resolve Microsoft Office Error 0x4004f00c

How to Resolve Microsoft Office Error 0x4004f00c

MS Office is an essential software package for the PC. This suite includes various advanced tools which you need for performing various tasks. Microsoft Office is available for Windows and other platforms. While using its programs, few users get the Microsoft Office Error 0x4004f00c. This Office error appears when you have an existing Office suite. But a few other reasons can also get MS Office into error.

Troubleshooting MS Office Error 0x4004f00c

Reinstall your MS Office

When you get Microsoft Office Error 0x4004f00c while installing the setup then check for existing MS Office setup. You are getting the error as you have another Office setup from PC. For repairing the error, the user should remove the existing MS Office setup software and then reinstall the new setup. 

  1. Open the Control Panel and tap on Programs 
  2. Go to MS Office setup and hit the Uninstall button
  3. After uninstalling MS Office, restart the PC
  4. Now run the Disk Cleanup

The user can also go for the Office uninstaller tool. When you use this tool, it not only uninstalls the setup but also removes all the existing Office files. Using this tool will remove MS Office from the PC completely. You can get the uninstaller tool setup from the web and then run it on a PC. After removing the MS Office, restart the computer and then run Disk Cleanup. Now go to the new MS Office setup and install it on the PC.

Try renaming tokens.dat.file

When you are getting Office error 0x4004f00c while activating the key then check for token.dat.file. The user is getting an error due to an old tokens.dat.file The tokens store the product key of your Office setup. To troubleshoot the error, the user has to rename those files. Go to the cmd for remaining those files. On the cmd screen, search for the tokens and then rename them. Once you rename those files, go to the new MS Office setup and try to activate the setup with a new product key.

Scan the Computer for Viruses

Your Office Setup can get into errors when the viruses are interrupting its files. Malware can steal the data and also corrupt various files on the PC. When you get an Office-related error, inspect the computer for malware infection. Go to the antivirus and choose the full scan option. The antivirus will remove the viruses and then your Microsoft Office will start working on the computer.

Disable Firewall and Proxy on the PC

Many times, MS Office shows errors when the firewall or proxy is interrupting the connection to the Office server. When you get the Microsoft bootstrapper has stopped working, disable the firewall temporarily. On the computer, open the cmd prompt. Now type netsh winhttp reset proxy. Press the Enter button and the proxy will get reset on the PC. Go to the firewall on the PC and disable it. After disabling the firewall and proxy; go to the MS Office and check for the error. 

Try Repairing Microsoft Office Error 0x4004f00c Online

Office setup also provides an online repair tool. When any of the MS Office tools shows the error, you can run the repair tool. The online repair tool checks for the solution on the web. But the user can run this tool when the PC is connected to the internet.

For running the tool, go to the MS Office setup and tap on the Change option. Now choose the Online Repair and then click on Repair. Again tap on Repair and the tool will start checking for the solution. After running, check the report page and then retry to run the MS Office.

Remove all junk from the Computer

Sometimes, the user gets MS Office Error Code 0x4004f00c due to the junk files. The device junk starts conflicting with the Office files. When you get MS Office related errors, try deleting the junk files from the computer. Go to your temp folder and remove all files. Now check other drives and folders on the PC for the junk.

When you can’t get junk manually, use the clean manager. Run the cleanmgr on the computer and it will show the junk available on the device. Now remove those files and restart the PC. Go to your Office tools like Word or Powerpoint and check for the 0x4004f00c error code. 


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