The Best Escape Room Experiences in Ahmedabad

The Best Escape Room Experiences in Ahmedabad

Hold on. Before you answer that, what if we told you that we have the perfect plan for the next time you are confused on what to do over the weekend. Something that would wholeheartedly make you says “Majama!”. If you live in the Manchester City of India, this is something we’d not want you to miss. Yes, residents of Ahmedabad, read on! Ahmedabad is a city so rich in culture, famous for street food varieties and its numerous shopping centres. Here, the idea of escape room is relatively new, but is quickly gaining popularity.

For those of you who’ve not heard of escape room, they are live rooms carrying mysteries that you’ll be required to solve. After unlocking the all clues one after the other, along with your team members, you can make an escape. You are usually given an hour to unravel the mystery. If you don’t, you fail to escape.

Although the options are quite limited, we’ve put together the most amazing escape room games in Ahmedabad that we recommend to all you mystery junkies! These are experiences from three different escape rooms- Breakout, Mystery rooms and Unlocked Café.

List of Escape Room Games in Ahmedabad

The Explorer – Unlocked Cafe, Navrangpura

Alexandra Lion heart, a British Explorer had visited Gujarat in the 80’s and discovered some astonishing secrets. You and your team of investigators have discovered her chamber in the city of Ahmedabad. There are some shocking revelations about a particular Indian Prince. But, to uncover that, you will have to get through to a Blue Sapphire necklace in an hour!

Number of players: 2 to 6

Murder Mystery- Breakout, Prahladnagar

Shourik Sen was found murdered in Calcutta on 23rd October 1987. His body was discovered by his sister who had just returned from a cricket World Cup match held in Eden Garden, Calcutta. Get that detective instinct of yours working and trace all the clues in the crime scene carefully to pin down the murderer. You have 60 minutes to do the same.

Number of players: 2 to 7
Hurt Locker- Mystery Rooms, Vastrapur

Number of players: 2 to 8

Kidnapped: Breakout, Prahladnagar

Chandigarh has been witnessing a series of mysterious kidnappings. The kidnapers fail to meet their end of the ransom deal. The city’s Elite merchant Mr. Joseph approaches you and your team of cops when his daughter is abducted. The kidnappers know your involvement and hence, you have to make your move quickly and figure out their hideout!

Number of players: 2 to 6
Lockout: Mystery Rooms, Vastrapur

Convicted for a crime you did not even commit, you are locked up in a prison, under horrendous conditions. Desperate to escape, you have a golden opportunity on National Day when the jailor and other inmates move out to attend celebrations. In the time span of an hour, you have to make an escape without getting caught!

Number of players: 2 to 8

Bomb Defusal: Breakout, Prahladnagar

In this experience, Breakout escape rooms let you take on the role of a member of the bomb defusing squad. After a tip given to the commissioner officer regarding the next bombing in Lothal, you and your task force have been entrusted with a prevention mission. The previous bombings have already claimed many lives. Will you be able to stop that from happening this time?

Number of players: 3 to 8

Abduction-the final hour: Mystery Rooms, Vastrapur

The escape room setting is one where you have been abducted by terrorists. Since you are an eminent personality, they plan to use this to their advantage and blackmail the government. But, with your skills and presence of mind, you need to make an escape before they strike a deal!

Number of players: 2 to 8

Cabin in the Woods: Mystery Rooms, Vastrapur

Are the mysterious cursed woods really responsible for the deaths of villagers or is a murderer on the loose? To find out, you need to ponder over all the clues that you have so far and figure it out. If you fail to make it out of the escape room, it is going to cost more lives of innocent villagers!

Please note that it is NOT suitable for children below the age of 10.

Number of players: 4 to 8

The Kon of Kohinoor-A mission Impossible: Vastrapur

India boasted of its Kohinoor diamond once upon a time. Now possessed by the Queen, it is kept under highest possible surveillance. To get past the security and the enter surveillance system, in about 60 minutes, almost seems like an unreal mission. Could you and your group of robbers pull off the biggest heist in Indian history?

Note: children below the age of 14 will be allowed only if accompanied by an adult.

Number of players: 4 to 8
The ‘escape room culture’ as we like to call it, is gradually being welcomed and is expanding in Ahmedabad. Not just residents, but even tourists these days take some time off to indulge in the escape room experience.

Remember to take your squad along when you do decide to give it a shot. “Escape room” mysteries are always easier and more fun to solve when the team is large. The more minds working on it, the quicker you can make your escape!

Unleash the detective and mystery junkie in you, race against the clock, go on an adventure all at once in the space that’s an escape room!

If you’re out of ideas on what to do in the city and are looking for something that’s offbeat, you know where you need to make your escape to!



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