Top 10 Famous Street Food in Delhi

Top 10 Famous Street Food in Delhi

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to street food in Delhi. If you are looking for breakfast from the fine-dining places, we have listed top 10 famous street food in Delhi will keep you sorted. You will find in the list of best street food in West Delhi, street food in East Delhi and Old Delhi street food.

Top 10 Most Famous Street Food in Delhi


Paranthas is the most preferred breakfast in Delhi can be eaten at any time. A healthy splash of butter and extravagant stuffing in the paratha makes it the best street food in Delhi. Parantha comes in various vegetarian and nonvegetarian options such as keema parantha, chicken parantha, aloo parantha, onion parantha and more.

Chole Kulche

Like Parantha Chole Kulche can also easily found in Delhi. Chole Kulche is one of the famous street food in Delhi.

Dahi Bhalle

You just can not miss this delight of the famous food in Delhi that we call dahi bhalle. The sweet curd and mix of sweet red and tangy green chutney on top of soaked vada.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken can be found in almost every non-vegetarian restaurant and highways, dhabas, in local Delhi street and enjoyed with rice or naan.

Kebabs famous food of delhi

Another best street food in Delhi is kebabs and will get a huge variety of kebabs in Delhi. When your eat kebabs in full of flavors and spices then it remind you of the Nawabs.

Chole Bhature

In the list of top 10 famous street food in Delhi, Chole Bhature comes to my favorite food in Delhi.


Biryani in Delhi can be found in every north Indian and Mughlai restaurant or near by. The dish ( Biryani ) is so popular in Delhi that there are a number of restaurants serving only Biryani. You can find all kind of Biryani like veg biryani, chicken and mutton.

Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Rolls

Every Roll shops in Delhi has his own special ingredient to make this tasty goodness all the more delis. This is also cheap and most famous food of Delhi. You can taste it in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Momos Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian

Momos is super spicy and cheap street food in Delhi. And today, become famous street food in Delhi and easily found in every where.


People love dessert will love this sweet Kulfi and this is also included in my top 10 famous street food in Delhi.



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