How to Know About two of the Most often Picked Courses by Indian Students

How to Know About two of the Most often Picked Courses by Indian Students

Usually, the top BCom colleges in India are places that offer not many other options of study while there are some exceptions to this rule lately. Some of the private civil engineering colleges in India nowadays offer a range of study options including law, commerce, finance, engineering, environmental studies, arts, and a lot more. This allows students to gain a more holistic perspective of their education as they interact with a wide variety of people at college. Such an education makes graduates more suited to the rigors of dealing with different types of people from a variety of backgrounds that help them professionally and personally as well.

Most often Picked Courses by Indian Students are

BTech in Civil engineering

This course offered at any of the best private civil engineering colleges in India like Alliance University is based on the principles of mathematics, science, and various computational tools. Its study helps its graduates to enhance the quality of life of the society at large by planning, designing, creating, and maintaining various kinds of civil engineering infrastructures. The course offers a strong theoretical foundation to its graduates that is combined with practical learning to produce the perfect professional. Students learn about various areas of construction engineering, surveying, structural engineering, environmental engineering, town planning, transportation engineering, and a lot more.

The course offered at any of the private civil engineering colleges in India is an interdisciplinary study of various subjects along with a wide spectrum of electives like computational fluid mechanics, atmospheric sciences, geographical information systems, remote sensing, soil mechanics, and more. Alliance University also offers two flavors of this course, one being a regular four-year course and the other a lateral entry that takes three years to complete. The lateral entry is offered to students who have already passed a BSc degree from a recognized college based on their marks.

Bachelor of Commerce

Alliance University is also well-known as one of the top BCom colleges in India that aims to build the competence of its graduates in business studies and other managerial skills. The commerce program focuses on providing a strong subject matter expertise by focusing on the learning of the basic principles, theories, methods, and procedures of accounting and commerce. The coursework is rigorous and progressive that prepares its graduates for suitable and valuable careers in accountancy and commerce and other professional roles in business, economics, and security analysis. This fundamental qualification allows its graduates to further pursue various master’s level courses in accountancy and commerce.

The key feature of the course that makes Alliance University one of the top BCom colleges in India is the holistic atmosphere for learning. The university provides a state-of-the-art ambiance that is created by the use of appropriate technology. The curriculum is industry-specific and delivered by renowned industry practitioners and accomplished faculty with rigorous coaching. The course is bolstered with regular industry visits, lectures by industry experts, and an extensive library of resources. Students are also encouraged here to take up various professional programs that help prepare them for suitable careers.



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