5 Best Ways to Increase Your Business and Sell more with Facebook

5 Best Ways to Increase Your Business and Sell more with Facebook

Facebook has been enjoying a leading position in the social media landscape for more than a decade. While there are many other social media platforms- some even dating back to the pre-facebook era, FB’s position remains intact. For businesses, Facebook presents a massive marketplace to brand and sell their products to the right audiences.

With its affordable and powerful ad campaigns, global reach, and business-friendly tools, Facebook empowers businesses to convey the right message in the most effective way to the most relevant audiences. Here are a few ways that enable small businesses and shops to multiply their sales and acquire global shoppers through Facebook:

Ways that Enable Small Businesses and Shops to Increase sales

Recognize the most relevant audiences

Recognize the most relevant audiences

Research proves and common sense tells that you get maximum RoI of your efforts if you pitch your products and ideas to the relevant audiences. With Facebook, it becomes easier to reach directly to the audiences who are most likely to purchase your products while filtering out the profiles that won’t be interested in the products you offer.

For instance, your ad or post about your recently launched unique and expensive lipstick flavor wouldn’t make any sense for a male child below thirteen years of age. With Facebook ads, you can avoid such “wastage” by actually setting the criteria for the viewers of your ad. In this example you can exactly set that your lipstick ad should be visible only for girls between 18 and 25 years, belonging to high-income groups, and living in the regions that you want to focus on. It will allow you to get the maximum RoI of your advertisement.

Carefully craft a professional and appealing facebook page

Creating a Facebook business page helps you gain visibility from a huge community of global Facebook users. While it is free to create a Facebook page, many businesses fail to take full advantage of it. You need to be careful while filling in your profile information. Cover Photos, profile images, brand logos, taglines. About, and other details- can go a long way in helping you to establish a convincing presence on Facebook. 

 There are several things to remember while creating your Facebook page. The best thing is that there are many ways you can optimize it for increasing the value delivery. However, instead of dwelling on the theories, it is best to check the Facebook pages of your closest competitors, analyze the information they have filled in and the writing style.

Check the keywords if any that they have used on their page. Also, check if they have added any specific apps on the page to create engagement. Learn from their strengths and detect and build on their weaknesses to create a page that looks much better than your competitors.

Directly sell your items on Facebook

Directly sell your items on Facebook

It is indeed a good idea to use your Facebook page as a platform to invite people to your main website. However, it would even be better to enable them to directly shop from your Facebook page without even switching to your site. Yes, it is possible. You can add a shop through the Facebook page of your business. It will allow interested shoppers to directly purchase your items without even leaving the Facebook page.

On your Facebook page, you can see a tab called Shop. Clicking on it will take you to the Sell on the Facebook page of Commerce Manager Tool. It not only allows you to link your business accounts but also enables you to establish payout modes and set the returns/shipping preferences. The good thing is that you can also use the Commerce Manager on Instagram. In short, you virtually establish your fully functional mini shop inside the social media ecosystem which multiplies the selling opportunities.

 Along with the above you may also go for the more advanced platform like Channel Advisor, ComemrcHub, ShipStation, Shopify, or BicCommerce- which are third-party platforms. These platforms allow you to add even better and more sophisticated features to your Facebook shop.

Add attention-grabbing visuals

Add attention-grabbing visuals

The Facebook users have very short attention and it could be challenging for you to attract them and sustain their attention for adequate time to influence their mindset and prompt actions. So, you need to find the quickest and strong way to communicate. Research proves that our mind responds most quickly to visual communication. We even have the good old saying “A picture speaks louder than 1000 words”. So, add appealing and professional images to your page instead of stuffing only with text.

Using professional product photos and videos of your products in action leaves a much better and faster impact on audiences’ mindset than a text description. Likewise, the video testimonials by clients highly in building trust among the audiences.

Strategically add video posts to your business page

Whether you have started an affiliate marketing site or established a digital store to earn money online, facebook has a wide variety of interactive tools to multiply the sales potential of your blog. One of facebook’s relatively new features- Facebook Live posts takes the audience connection to the next level by showing real-time video broadcasts. It allows you to create a deeper equation with the audience. You can use this feature to broadcast the product videos, thought leadership, talking about industry issues, or showing the company culture.

If you have completed any milestones like winning an award then you can broadcast it through Facebook live to prove your authority. You can also use this feature for offering personal assistance through live interaction with your prospects. Make it inclusive for everyone by inviting the audiences and customers to produce/share the videos and images of your products.

The impact of video can be understood by the fact that in 2020 it accounted for over 75% of all the internet traffic. Video content enjoys over 2X popularity when compared to images.

One thing to keep in mind is not to use Facebook videos only for promoting your products or business. People love the brands that provide them valuable information which allows them to make better shopping decisions and getting the maximum potential out of their products. They also like the posts that entertain them and help them enjoy some light moments.

So, if you are making 10 Facebook videos, make sure that not more than two of them should promote your products/service while the rest eight of them should entertain or educate the audiences. It will help you to establish an image of the thought leader and “friend” of the Facebook users rather than limiting yourself to a pushy sales guy.


Facebook boasts of millions of users across all the continents. Being a social media giant the Facebook helps the global population connect better with each other and exchange their ideas. As a highly active digital social community, it also helps global businesses of all sizes to establish their brand sell their products digitally across the globe at affordable prices.

However, many businesses are still not able to use Facebook to its fullest potential as they aren’t aware of many Facebook features. In this post, we highlighted some of the business-friendly features of Facebook that will help businesses to transform Facebook into a reliable platform for branding, marketing, and selling their products to the global population of shoppers.



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