What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance in India and Its Benefits

What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance in India and Its Benefits

Old age can make people prone to illnesses and various medical ailments. Seeing your parents and grandparents leading healthy lives is something everyone wants. After all, they are the backbone of the family. So, ensuring the safety and well-being of senior citizens is our duty.

Also, with the rapid increase in medical inflation in India, it is essential for every individual to buy adequate insurance plans for their loved ones and their elderly parents. With senior citizen health insurance in India, all the medical bills can be covered extensively allowing you to secure the financial future of your family.

What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance in India?

Senior Citizen Health Insurance in India is a specific type of insurance that can meet the healthcare expenses of senior citizens who have crossed 60 years of age. It is a health cover that allows elderly people to receive quality healthcare services and treatment without washing away their savings.

Just like all other insurance policies, senior citizen health insurance is a contract between the insurance companies and the insured, where the insured or the policyholder must pay the premium and the insurance company takes care of the medical expenses during hospitalization.

A senior citizen health insurance may include annual health check-ups, post-hospitalization expenses, organ donor cover, etc.

Why Buy Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Senior Citizens are subject to facing sudden illness and prolonged medical conditions. And with the ever-rising healthcare costs in India, they may have to face a huge financial burden. Therefore, there is a need to get adequate health insurance for senior citizens.

Here are some reasons why you should buy it-

Rising Healthcare Costs

As elderly people are more vulnerable to prolonged illnesses, the right health insurance can take care of medical treatment and healthcare costs.

Critical Illness cover

Senior citizen health insurance offers critical illness as an add-on benefit. So, in case of critical illness or emergency situations, which are very common in old age, this insurance can relieve you of the financial burden.

Pre-existing diseases

Most senior citizen health insurances also cover pre-existing illnesses.

What are the Benefits You Can Get?

Senior citizen health insurance in India comes with extensive benefits which can help elderly people to lead carefree lives by enjoying the luxuries of time and not worrying about their health.

Due to aging, health complications may arise, and these increased health risks show how important it is to have senior citizen health insurance. Here are some of the key benefits of senior citizen health insurance-

Affordable Premiums

In India, it is easy to get senior citizen health insurance at affordable premiums with maximum coverage.

Pre-Medical Screening

Unlike regular health insurance, senior citizen health insurance does not require elderly people to undergo medical screening before buying the insurance policy.

Cashless Treatment

Elderly people with senior citizen health insurance can avail cashless treatment at network hospitals of the insurance company, given that they get admitted for a minimum period of 24 hours.

No Claim Bonus

With senior citizen health insurance in India, you can get a No Claim Bonus, which allows you to claim a discount on renewal premium for every claim-free year.

Lifetime Renewability

Most senior citizen health insurance in India comes with lifetime renewability.

Organ Donor Cover

The senior citizen health insurance covers the expenses of organ donation and harvesting.

Tax Benefits

Senior citizen health insurance offers tax exemptions benefits on the paid premium every financial year under section 80D of the IT Act.


With a huge number of options to buy a senior citizen health insurance in India, picking one out of many can be a daunting task. It is advisable to go through the benefits provided by the insurance company along with the waiting period and exclusions before you buy this health insurance.

‘Care for Senior’ is an exclusive health insurance provided by Care Health Insurance with affordable premiums and wide-ranging insured options which comes with extensive benefits that can let elderly people sit back and enjoy their golden years.



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