10 Difficult Things About Carpet Cleaning

10 Difficult Things About Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the most comfortable things that you like to purchase for the floors of your house. But they can accumulate lots of dirt and dust without thorough cleaning on a daily basis. You need to clean carpets at least once in a month for the corners that get the maximum traffic.

Know 10 difficult things related to carpet cleaning

  1. Over-wetting – Over-wetting is among the most difficult things faced by people at the time of cleaning carpets. This seems to be a difficult challenge as you should not put more water than what your machine can recover. Over-wetting might be the reason for excess detergents to attract the soil and grit and thus, lessen the benefits of cleaning carpets.
  2. Ripping – Ripping is another difficult thing faced by others at the time of carpet cleaning. When you rip a small part of the carpet accidentally, this might be the reason for purchasing a new carpet and getting the old one replaced. When you clean the carpets, you need to put extra effort to prevent overstretching. It is advised that you contact a professional who can clean carpets properly and mitigate the chances of ripping carpet.
  3. Stains on furniture – Cleaning the carpets may be a difficult task when carpets have been riddled with furniture stains due to continuous contact with a few furniture. It is not that easy to handle a furniture stain in the carpet that requires taking help of an expert in eliminating it. After you clean the carpet, you need to invest in the plastic tabs in order to lessen the risk of having bad furniture stains in the carpets.
  4. Carpets browning – If you want to clean carpets on your own, then you might find brown spots immediately after cleaning carpets. This happens due to carpet wicking for carpet stains to get embedded on the fibers. When carpet fibers become moist, the stain mark seems to be evident on the surface. This is generally done through spot treatment that enables your carpet to get dry soon. You should clean carpets regularly to address the problems of carpet browning and wicking.
  5. Damage the carpet – The carpets have been made o withstand excess amount of vacuuming. But some vacuum seems to be extremely aggressive on the carpets. You need to search for an appropriate vacuum that can be used in cleaning the carpets as some vacuums cannot remove dirt embed into the deep carpet fibers. It is advisable that you hire a professional cleaner who uses a vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets so that they may not get damaged in due course.
  6. Carpet shrinking – When you do carpet cleaning on your own, you might have the risk of shrinking your carpet. This makes them appear somewhat unattractive and your carpet can get damaged. Carpet shrinking happens due to extreme heat or water at the time of cleaning. By following improper cleaning processes, you damage the natural fibers of carpets. Hire a carpet cleaner who knows what is needed for the rugs and prevent any abrasive methods that can damage the carpet.
  7. Fast resoiling – When you select a cleaning product that is inappropriate for the carpet or use a carpet cleaner excessively, this can make fast resoiling of your carpets. This can be prevented by hiring experienced cleaners who knows about the right products to use for carpets and the amount of cleaning product to be used for carpets. Otherwise, this can cause a lot of residue on the carpets.
  8. Shedding and fluffing – This is a difficult thing to be faced at the time of cleaning new carpets. This is because the new ones are subjected to normal process of shedding where the small balls of carpet fibers can get inside the vacuum cleaner. You should vacuum the carpets gently to stop the formation of small fluff balls.
  9. Split seam and tear – The area that gets the highest amount of traffic can get carpet seams. When the carpet seams begin to manifest, it might ne followed through carpet fraying. You need to glue down your carpet’s frayed edges in order to prevent them from ripping apart. Since this fix s temporary, you need to contact a carpet cleaner and prevent more damage to the carpets.
  10. Colour fading – You will find different kinds of carpet fibers and each type is highly susceptible to the dyes, particularly when they start fading due to direct exposure to sunlight. The dyes of carpets seem to be sensitive to different substances and chemicals due to which they get discolored. You should not do carpet-redyeing on your own as this might make the carpets badly damaged. You should leave it in the hands of a professional who can help with carpet re-dyeing process.

Thus, you need to search for reputed carpet cleaning companies in London before hiring one for cleaning your carpets. Make sure the cleaners know their job really well and can perform it to ensure your carpets are clean and dirt-free.


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