10 Problems with Wearing Braces

10 Problems with Wearing Braces

Are you wearing braces for your crooked and misaligned teeth? If yes, then braces are indeed a long procedure and you might face certain complications during the orthodontic treatment. Read on to know about 10 problems you might face with braces and how you can deal with them easily.

  1. Tooth sensitivity – Apart from painful sensation of your teeth, there can be another problem at the start of orthodontic method. It can happen after each single brace activation session. Your teeth and gums are very sensitive to change in temperature after activation. The easiest thing is to take a painkiller or topical ointment that can desensitise teeth and gums for a short time.
  2. Damage to the inside of your cheeks – The wire of brackets and orthodontic device might be extremely hard for the inside of your mouth. There are some cases when you might suffer from damage to the inside of cheek and other soft tissues inside your mouth. This should go away in sometime or you need to use wax. You can put an orthodontic wax layer on the part of braces that seem to hurt your cheek or other soft tissues.
  3. Chapped lips – Your lips may get chapped from orthodontic procedure due to two reasons. They might dry out for orthodontic treatment and the device can cause damage to your lips. When your lips dry, they may become open more and your teeth will appear bigger. This can change in due course as you will get used to the device put on your teeth. If the braces touch your lips and chaff them, then you need to talk to a dentist and find out what can be done to solve the situation.
  4. Tongue tissues – The tongue can get affected with the device inserted in your mouth in case of lingual device. Your tongue may be shredded on brackets, pocked on wires and chaffed from touching the device. The tongue will become used to this device and you have to look for different ways when eating, chewing and speaking.
  5. Broken archwire – The archwire is the major wiring that passes through brackets. The wire remains under pressure and may break when pulled and twisted all the time. So, the broken ends of wire will remain sharp and may poke your cheeks, lips, gums and tongue. Other than causing infections in your mouth, your teeth won’t be pulled or pushed in the right direction with desired force. This might be the reason for several problems and postponements in the treatment. You may put a small cotton or drops of orthodontic wax and see your orthodontist for fixing the appointment without delay.
  6. Ligaments – Ligatures are actually small elastics and other bits that get connected to braces or archwire. They are usually made of elastics or metal and can be swallowed. When you swallow them, you will have to fix an appointment with the orthodontist for replacing them.
  7. Inflamed gums – Orthodontics generally work by keeping your gums and bones during inflammation and so, the teeth can shift easily at this time. Your gums may get inflamed which makes orthodontic procedure really difficult at the time of swelling gums. The device may hurt inflamed gums or gums may recede further and your tooth is being exposed. You need to talk to an orthodontist so that the gums can be treated and cleaned before continuing with the treatment.
  8. SpeecOrthodoh impediments – Orthodontic procedure may leave with temporary speech impediment. This is only a temporary setback and you may find new ways to pronounce properly by going with newly found speech impediment. Certain speech impediments won’t go away till you remove the braces. In such cases, speech impediment should be accepted till the end of orthodontic procedure.
  9. Jaw pain – Orthodontic procedure will leave with jawbone pain from where your teeth had been pushed. When you suffer from jaw pain, it is completely normal. The jaw pain begins at the time of activation when any pain can start and then grow extremely suspicious. You will need a medical professional who takes care of everything. When TMJ hurts, this means the orthodontic procedure is not reaching its desired effect.
  10. Mobile teeth – Your teeth will turn mobile and remain the same for some time after the procedure. This is the reason why you need to wear your retainers and try to eat soft foods only till the teeth are set properly in their desired position. So, they would not be mobile anymore.

Thus, you need to get in touch with a provider who offers best invisalign treatment in London and get your teeth straightened for the confident look.


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