7 Tips for an Influencer on How to Write Attractive Posts on Instagram

7 Tips for an Influencer on How to Write Attractive Posts on Instagram

Facebook is passé, Instagram is now seen as the best influencer marketing platform(Influencer marketplace) for all kinds of brands. No wonder many people strive to become Instagram influencers and post content that helps interest, educate and engage with the audience. 

If you are dedicated enough to engage with your influencer within your niche, and if your content is what your followers expect, you can work your way towards a successful career as a niche Instagram influencer.

Here, we’ll see how you can make your content interesting with well-written posts.

Create outlines and drafts

To start with, you have to create an outline and draft of your post ideas. This could be either sponsored or non-sponsored. Jot down ideas and thoughts you would like to share. After all, each component of your post has to be perfect- it should help interest your followers to like, share, and comment on it. Here is how you can go about it-

  • Zero in on the topic you want to discuss. See how you can put it interestingly. Do you already have the visuals for it? 
  • Next, break down the topic. Figure out how you can post it that hasn’t been done before. You can make multiple posts to explain it better; Use Instagram Reels for best results.
  • Now, you should be ready with the final content. Save the draft. If needed, ask someone for their opinion.

Provide unique value

When preparing the drafts, check your competition. See how well their posts have been written, how much value each post bought, and what their engagement rate was. Each element of your post has to give irreplaceable value- do not post anything irrelevant or unclear. People value authenticity, anything that does not confirm to the idea of the post will make them scroll away at the first opportunity.

People love to read stories

Any post would get boring if there isn’t any relevant story narrated with it. Storytelling gives your post social proof; if your followers find your videos and visuals interesting, they would also take the time to read your content. This can also interest other Instagram users to follow and engage with your content.

Use Emojis and Special Fonts generously

Emojis and special fonts help improve the appeal of your content. Using the right emojis helps make the content interesting. However, do not overuse them, as some older versions may not support these special characters. 

The best part of using emojis is that you can express an idea, thought, or feeling with a single character. For instance, the Laughing Out Loud emoji (🤣) could shorten your content rather than writing LOL which some people may not understand.

Special fonts help highlight ideas and words that make a difference. Most people will just skim through the content. Using a special font interests users to read the entire sentence rather than just skimming through it.

Ask your audience for answers

There is no way better to increase engagement than to ask for answers. You could convey a thought or idea with your visuals and video and ask your audience to express their views through a question in your content.

This encouragement for engagement can help increase views, likes, and comments. It would interest non-followers to follow you. The questions you ask will encourage them to read the answers, even giving these non-followers the motivation to express their views on the post themselves.

Include CTAs

These are crucial when it comes to those working in the retail niche. While the visuals and videos help grab eyeballs, it is the Call To Action (CTA) buttons that help you get conversions. This could be a link, encouragement for a comment or share, or even a shop now button encouraging your followers to make the purchase. 

Many influencer marketing contracts have a commission-based remuneration model. This makes the CTA a crucial component to increase sales for the brand.

Use Hashtags and Tags generously

These help you increase the reach of your posts. They help people find your post and encourage them to re-share the content. Let’s see how you can use these more effectively-

Hashtags –

You can only post these in the caption or comments. Extremely important, these help people to find relevant posts on a topic. Sometimes, hashtags are created for a special event or celebrity, helping people get your views on that topic. Make sure you use relevant hashtags that represent your niche, topic, trend, and location in the content.

Tags – 

You can use these in the comments, on the images, and even in the captions. Usually, they are used to identify someone or something in the post. Many use tags to initiate a conversation with someone or something (in this case, the brand’s Instagram handle). This gives the post some extra social proof.

In Conclusion

It isn’t rocket science to interest and engage with your audience. What matters is how you convey the idea using the content and visuals. We are sure these tips would enable you to create content that could go viral, helping you increase your followers and engagement.


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