Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Getting all the dirt out of your carpet can be done through either dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Carpet dry-cleaning systems work by using a solvent that attaches to and pulls dirt particles away from each individual thread in the carpet pile.

Carpet manufacturers usually recommend dry-cleaning for carpets that need repair, but some people like to do it at least once a year for regular wear. Carpet steam cleaning works by heating the carpet pile with hot water and deep-cleaning the fibers of your carpet to get out dirt, soil, oil, or other problem substances.

Carpet manufacturers usually recommend using dry-cleaning only every couple of years because over-use can degrade the strength of carpets over time. Carpet steam cleaning is more effective than dry-cleaning because it actually cleans the fibers rather than just pulling up dirt, so you will need to have your carpets dry cleaned or steam cleaned on a less regular basis.

Today, most carpet cleaners offer both types of service so if one doesn’t work for you, they may have another option that will. Carpet steam cleaning is considered to be superior because it can remove things that dry-cleaning doesn’t, but dry-cleaning still has its good points.

Carpet dry-cleaning systems are great for people who have sensitive allergies or chemical sensitivities because the chemicals used in the process are usually less harsh than those used for steam cleaning Carpet dry-cleaning also makes it possible to get carpets very clean with machines that are portable and can be conveniently taken to any location.

Carpet dry-cleaning systems don’t involve the use of high temperatures, so they are better for carpets that have been treated with stain protectors or other finishes that can be damaged by high temperatures Carpet dry-cleaning systems are also safer around pets and small children because there is no water involved. Carpet steam cleaning Hobart can remove dirt older than the last time you had your carpets cleaned.

So it tends to work better for heavily trafficked areas in large commercial buildings Carpet steam cleaning is great for getting rid of organic stains Carpet steam cleaning can be a more environmentally friendly option because it uses less energy and water.

Carpet steam cleaning is also better for people who have respiratory problems or chemical sensitivities Carpet dry-cleaning machines are portable so you can take them home with you if you want to Carpet dry-cleaning systems use chemicals that are less harsh Carpet dry-cleaning is more gentle on carpets.

Carpet dry-cleaning systems are better if you have pets or small children in your home Carpet steam cleaning can remove dirt trapped deep in carpet pile Carpet steam cleaning is based on the presoak method, which means it is great at removing water soluble stains Carpet steam cleaning works great for removing makeup Carpet dry-cleaning is based on the vapor method, which means it’s better at removing non-water soluble stains .

Carpet steam cleaning is more environmentally friendly Carpet steam cleaning can remove old spills that were never cleaned up Carpet steam cleaning works well for heavily trafficked areas Carpet dry-cleaning systems are portable Carpet dry-cleaning is better for people who have chemical sensitivities and respiratory problems Carpet steam cleaning has a greater chance of removing organic stains Carpet steam cleaning works well for large commercial buildings

Carpet dry-cleaning machines only get carpets partway clean Carpet dry-cleaning uses less energy Carpet dry-cleaning can be done safely around pets Carpet dry-cleaning is gentler Carpet steam cleaning works better for removing makeup Carpet steam cleaning is good for getting rid of water-soluble stains.


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