Effective Tips to Make Invisalign Aligner Less Obvious and Prominent

Effective Tips to Make Invisalign Aligner Less Obvious and Prominent

Nowadays undergoing teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign is the trend! But along with it attachments come in which small dental bonding lumps are provided to hold on the Invisalign Aligner perfectly in its place.

But the eating habits can greatly impact on its visibility. Here we will present some tried and tested tips which can keep the attachments and aligner less noticeable throughout the entire treatment period. So, read on to know them.   

Facts about Invisalign attachments

Patients undergoing Invisalign treatment may need attachments to support the aligner to be in its desired position and exert right amount of pressure. These are actually small, natural tooth-coloured lumps made from filling material placed on the middle of certain teeth.

You must be ready to receive more attachments than you expect as it is depended how your teeth can hold on the aligner! These ridges will remain stuck to teeth much identical to that of braces brackets. Then the aligner works perfectly in shifting the teeth to their desired position. The bumps will nearly invisible if the aligner is not there.

But while having it on one can barely notice its presence. When you put it new it remains so transparent but with continuous drinking and eating stains become unavoidable. This blog will let you know how you can maintain the transparency and less visibility till the end of the treatment. Let’s have a look on them.

Limit the intake of stain-causing drinks

Drinking anything except plain water can lead to discolouration of the aligner and teeth. So, during your teeth straightening treatment skip the consumption of red wine, coffee, fruit juices and tea. Also you should be careful regarding the intake of stain-inducing drinks and foods at least while having the aligner on.  

Brush frequently

With your Invisalign on whitening treatment is not suitable for you until you finish the treatment. But daily brushing twice a day and following the perfect oral care routine you can wash away the affect of stain-inducing beverages and foods leaving sparkling teeth behind. Invisalign attachments will remain less noticeable as well.

Never skip the floss

Food items get easily trapped within the teeth and attachments making it more obvious. So, make a habit to carry floss along so that you can floss your teeth for a minute right after having something ensuring nothing sticks in between.

Dump the lipstick or related items

Alike stain-causing foods and caffeinated drinks, lipstick, lip tint and lip gloss can stain the aligner too. Hence you are advised to go for all-natural pout by putting off the colours till you finish the treatment. You may find Invisalign a burden but with special care and maintenance it is going to serve you at its best level with overwhelming outcome.

Quit bad lifestyle habits

Smoking is the main poor lifestyle habit which not only causes degradation to the overall physical being but also oral health as well. In fact the nicotine has the ability to fade away the Invisalign’s clarity and making it more prominent to notice. Due to the tar and nicotine content smoking cigars and cigarettes cause foul smell, also known as bad breath.

Within short period of time you can find a yellowish stain on the aligner resulted from smoking. Smokers are well aware that it causes teeth discolouration into unpleasant brown shade. So, quitting smoking is highly recommended prior to commence the teeth straightening treatment using this clear aligner. 

Maintain your dental appointments regularly

On undergoing Invisalign treatment, dental visit becomes sparse automatically. But you have to replace it at a fixed interval of time and you mustn’t skip that. Tighter aligner is given to consistent the progress of teeth movement to their respective position. Also it is the chance for the orthodontists to track the progress of the treatment by monitoring its impact on the dental health.

The best way is to determine if your treatment needs attachment to support Invisalign aligner or not. Visit a nearby dentist today on booking an appointment and find out what is needed for you in the teeth straightening treatment.


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