Everything You Need to Know About Digital Vehicle Inspections as a Repair Shop Owner

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Vehicle Inspections as a Repair Shop Owner

Is technology something you’re uneasy about? But how about the one that solves many of your problems and saves you time?. The digital revolution is spreading faster than ever; Things were harder back when everything was supposed to be done manually! If you are an auto repair shop owner, you can now make digital vehicle inspections straight from automotive repair software.

Problem with Old School Inspections

Innovation brings in a lot of benefits. Have you ever wondered sitting in a restaurant why waiters are holding iPads instead of their order books?

Likewise, have you wondered why mechanics or service writers hold tablets in auto repair shops? If yes, let’s look at why they do this.

You might be familiar with the term digital vehicle inspection. Digital vehicle inspections are inspections that are performed by technicians using a tablet device to record the diagnostic results of customers’ vehicles. 

Customers are sometimes charged for additional services without them knowing. That’s where digital vehicle inspection comes in. DVIs make everything transparent, so the customer can see the detailed breakdown of the repair service. Your customer will appreciate the extra mile you are going to make everything clear.

Using digital technology has become a standard practice for automotive repair professionals who want nothing less than absolute transparency into costs and pricing.

In this way, automotive repair companies that put the effort to adopt new technologies are always at the forefront of transparency and service.

Have you ever been annoyed by paperwork? And let’s not forget slow spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are getting unpopular because they are prepared manually, applying formulas, color coding all get complex and messy once you’ve to deal with multiple customers at once.

In the earlier days, technicians would check “good” or “bad” next to each item in the inspection on a sheet of paper, then hand the paper inspection to the service advisor to generate the estimate.

Now, with digital vehicle inspections, you don’t need to go through these old-school methods.

Embrace the new technologies and conduct inspections digitally. This method is faster than ever. Attach images, add notes, signatures, and much more with a few clicks! 

What Makes Digital Inspection Helpful?

If you’re a time saver, you’re definitely going to love auto repair shop software.

By utilizing digital vehicle inspections as part of the estimate process, not only will technicians and service advisors save time, but they will know exactly what the role is for each part of the process. 

Let’s see the countless benefits of digital vehicle inspection:

Get Rid of Spreadsheets & Cumbersome Paperwork

You don’t need to make manual paper inspections; in fact, you can say goodbye to manual inspections and dreaded spreadsheets once you start to use digital vehicle inspections. 

You can make it easier to identify where the problem is in the vehicle without going through paperwork inspections.

Clarity Through Photos: Save your Time

Making customers skeptical is the last thing you would like to do for your auto repair business.

Digital vehicle inspection enables you to list down everything wrong with the vehicle. Your mechanics can use that list as a reference as they go through repairs. 

Many auto repair software allows you to attach pictures of every individual part in question. Your customers will definitely appreciate the transparency.

Technicians take pictures of what problems need to be fixed in a customer’s car and directly share the estimate including pictures attached through email or SMS to enable a clear understanding of the problem.

Convert Inspection Directly Into Estimates

 You can take your car’s repair estimates to the next level with auto shop software.

Imagine being able to actually see the detailed estimated cost of your auto shop’s repairs! This helps consumers make more informed decisions before beginning costly and time-consuming work. It also gives them an idea of what they will be paying for with a breakdown by each service labor, parts, supplies – even taxes if applicable on top of everything else; all within one click.

With this software program installed at any shops around town (or online), customers can convert inspections directly into estimates in just seconds flat using their computer or mobile device.

Here’s Why You Should Use Digital Vehicle Inspection 

Now let’s talk about the main advantages of using digital vehicle inspections.

No matter what kind of inspection you conduct, you can create a fully customizable inspection type and process.

Not only this, you can categorize your fixes according to high-priority and low-priority fixes.

Customizable Inspection Templates :

General Inspections- During a general inspection, you can tell a customer whether their vehicle headlights, lights, wiper blades, mirrors, brakes, body paints, etc., need to be replaced.

Detailed Inspections – When you do a detailed inspection, you are primarily concerned with the accessories, which include alarms, antennas, radios, belts, body damage, detailing etc.

Moreover, you can create custom templates that can be re-used for every customer for fast inspections. Your templates are saved and use them as much as you want to save your time.

Diagnostics error codes- Every problem in a car is represented by a specific code; Mechanics can quickly identify a problem by entering a code. Not only this, you can use an OBD scanner to quickly check for error codes.

With some auto repair shop software, OBD scanners are integrated, so the software itself fetches any error codes, straight from the scanner.

Odometer and fuel gauge- A good mechanic always notes down the odometer reading before and after the repair, so you have peace of mind that no one is using your car fuel without your permission. You can add odometer readings in the inspections.


Digital access to everything is becoming increasingly appealing with the onset of the digital revolution.

With their smartphones and tablets, they can track everything, from online shopping to repair. So if you are an auto repair shop owner, you want to keep your clients coming back to you. 

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to use from the above blog, you need the digital vehicle inspection program and get rid of manual inspections.


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