7 Easy Ways to Get Free Starbucks Drinks

7 Easy Ways to Get Free Starbucks Drinks

Lots of ways have now been introduced that push all Starbucks lovers to claim their free drinks. If you still do not know about those exciting offers, then do not worry!

We can provide you with the correct and valid details.

Right after going through these details, you should implement these tips and claim your free Starbucks drinks right away:

Become Part Of Starbucks Rewards Program:

The very first and easy way of getting starbucks free drink, is to enter into the rewards program as introduced by Starbucks.

If you are already part of their Rewards Program, then you might have seen this practice that the official members are offered so many perks and benefits as compared to the members who are not part of the Starbucks rewards program.

Through this Starbucks Rewards Program, you earn points. Like, if you have earned 25 points, it means you will be given the chance to customize your drink.

You can upgrade drinks like espresso shots, dairy substitutes, or syrup. In addition, on getting 50 points, you will get a free brewed hot coffee, or hot tea.

If you have acquired 150 points, the person will get a free handcrafted drink or parfait.

In the case of 200 points, you will get free of cost protein box.

Do Join Swagbucks and Get a Chance to Get Free Starbucks Drinks:

You should now be making up your mind and join Swagbucks!

This way, you will eventually get so many golden chances in getting free Starbucks drinks.

Most importantly, Swagbucks is marked to be a free rewards website.

This website gives you the chance and an immense number of opportunities to get great prizes and also be able to earn free Starbucks gift cards.

Claim the Free Refills:

By joining the starbucks rewards program, you can claim your free refills.

This is one of the huge advantages offered to the members of the Starbucks rewards program.

Join this program by visiting the Starbucks App or sign up through Starbucks Card.

Most noteworthy, you will be getting free refills of hot coffee or ice brewed coffee or a free refill of tea.

Claim Your Free Birthday Drink

On your birthday, you can claim your free Starbucks drink for sure.

This opportunity is only available for the members of the Starbucks reward program.

This free drink policy includes getting a free handcrafted beverage or you can claim free food items or you can even claim free ready-to-drink bottled beverages.

Join the Starbucks App and Get Frequent Updates on Getting Free Drinks:

If you download the Starbucks mobile app, then it will be simple for you to get frequent updates on claiming free drinks.

So, download the official app of Starbucks as soon as possible and never miss the chance to get a free drink from there.

This app will constantly update you on how to get special bonuses and become a part of the exclusive promotions.

Keep on Applying for The Promotions and Get Free Starbucks Drinks:

It will be super best and great if you keep a close eye on the Starbucks promotions.

In their promotions section, they constantly come up with exciting offers and let their customers get free drinks.

Like, on getting their spring coupon, if you will be ordering a grande or larger in size handcrafted drink via mobile, then you will be getting a coupon for claiming a free drink.

You might have also heard about their Buy-one-get-one promotion. In this promotion, you can get one free drink on buying one drink during the Starbucks Happy Hour.

In addition, their bonus stars promotion became the most popular of all.

Bring Your Own Coffee Cup and Claim Free Starbucks Drink:

The last way of getting a free Starbucks drink! It is done by bringing your own coffee cup.

This company is working on the mission of reducing waste and they encourage customers who bring their own coffee cups.

In return, they give $0.10 off to their customers. We know that this is a small amount but if you make a regular visit to Starbucks on bringing your own cup, then at the end of the month, lots of savings will be done from your side.


This is all about getting free Starbucks drinks! If you follow some other ways of getting and claiming free drinks at Starbucks, do share that with us.

All of you must be Starbucks lovers and visiting their cafes has always been a fun and enjoyable experience. 


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