Healing with yoga and Meditation

Healing with yoga and Meditation

Healing with Yoga

We as humans in this modern world are exposed to stress, negativity, pressure and much more. Healing is now required more than ever in this crazy fast era of machines and AI; it’s undoubtedly a necessity now. 

Healing in verbal means is to cause a wound, injury, or person to become sound or healthy again. As we talk of healing in its holistic sense we also mean curing mental and emotional wounds or blocks. Indian tradition has included healing in their lifestyle as a daily routine. Indian customs teaches to live in harmony and to be in love with nature. 

Life was yog; a union with everything. But in today’s life it is sort of difficult to live with that harmony. And that is why healers have emerged and bloomed in different spheres of healing like crystal healing, color healing, chakra healing, reiki healing and many more to give their services to heal people and release their emotional and psychological blockages. 

But visiting a healer frequently is as impractical as visiting a doctor frequently, you yourself need to manage your emotional and mental health as well as possible. And there is no practice as favoring as yog to keep your physical, mental, emotional and psychological health sound.

Yog is a club of physical and mental practices. These practices aim at regulating and stilling the

mind to bring in peace and stability. So here we would like to list 5 simple yoga practices that you can easily include in your daily routine and ripen its benefits.

Healing with Mantra chanting

Mantras are positive words or phrases that energize your body when chanted. When you

chant mantras your mind releases the positive vibrations that decreases the negative thoughts

hence bringing peace to the mind. In mantra chanting sound is important, not the meaning. Its

Daily practice will calm your mind and soul.There are different mantras for healing different aspects of life. But to ripe its benefits it is very important to know and master correct pronunciation of the mantra.

Yoga asana practice

Asana means posture. The practice of yogic postures synchronizes body and mind. It enhances how one thinks, feels, and experiences life. It’s not merely some physical exercise rather it’s a holistic practice. The daily practice of yoga asanas has limitless benefits; like:

  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Maintain nervous system
  • Makes you happier and stress free
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Boosts immunity
  • Boosts respiration
  • Better sleep and relaxation
  • Regulates adrenal gland
  • Increase focus
  • And much more…


Pranayama means to expand your vital life energy. The practice of pranayama fills you with life

energy that makes you full of life. Daily practice can bring a drastic change in your overall

personality. You will start feeling more calm and composed, more focused, and above all

more joyful and open to life.

Pranayama has therapeutic effects. It connects the mind and body. It also removes toxins

from the body by supplying more oxygen. And also increases mindfulness.


The benefits of meditation (Dhyan) are known to all. Reducing stress is one of the common and well-known reasons people practice yoga. But meditation has much more to it. It controls anxiety, sharpens the mind, increases concentration and focus. It also promotes emotional

health and enhances self-awareness. For More Details and Health Benefits of Yoga you can join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


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