How To Clean Your Suit (Methods Other Than Dry Cleaning)

How To Clean Your Suit (Methods Other Than Dry Cleaning)

Most people think that the only way to care for their custom suits is by regularly dry cleaning them. Not only are they wrong, but they are also headed to having well-damaged suits in no time. High quality tailored suits are a significant investment, and we should treat them the same.

This means that you have to do all it takes to maintain the perfect look of your suit and its fabric, which includes cleaning it regularly, but not dry cleaning.

You may wonder, what should you do to a suit that says “dry clean only”?

Contrary to whatever the suit’s label may be, you must not clean your suit at the dry cleaners only. Cleaning the suit at home is easy, safe, and cost-effective. Also, it increases the lifespan of your suit. Here are some steps for cleaning your suit at home.

Maintaining a suit: the basics

Cleaning a suit demands a lot more than what is required for your everyday clothes. It entails investing in a few items and regularly cleaning them. This regular cleaning will pay off in the long run.

How to remove stains from your suit jacket

As much as you can quickly take your favourite tweed jacket to the dry cleaner to remove the stains, save these events for significant emergencies only.

How to clean your suit jacket at home

To clean your suit jacket, regularly brush it to remove dust, hairs, and other particles. If it is stained, use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to remove it. When you are done, leave the suit to air dry.

When it comes to the general question of “how to clean a suit”, these are the few pieces of equipment you need to invest in:

  • A suit brush
  • Quality wood suit hangers
  • A steamer
  • Cloth suit bag

Using a suit brush

You will need to brush your suit every time you wear it with a quality suit brush to keep it in top shape. This is because dirt can accumulate overtime on the suit and cause the fabric to lose its form.

A good suit brush has either animal or synthetic hair.

Always brush your suit in a downward motion and use a lint roller to ensure it is spotless.

Use quality suit hangers

Though using suit hangers will not help you clean your suit, it is essential for maintaining it.

Don’t even use wire hangers as they will deform the suit. Instead, go for high-quality broad and round-end wood hangers as they mimic your natural body and give your suit its perfect shape.

Whenever you are tired of wearing the suit jacket or feel hot, hand it over to a high-quality wood hanger; don’t just toss it on your chair. It will save you the stress of a damaged suit in the long run.

Use a cloth Suit bag

Though you will buy your suit with a plastic bag, ensure you get a good cloth suit bag for it. Using a cloth suit bag allows greater airflow into the suit and makes it breathe. Also, store your suit in a good suit bag to prevent it from being damaged by moth.

Still, to keep the moth away, add lavender or basil to your cloth bag. It will keep it smelling fresh.

Again, using a cloth bag for your suit keeps it smooth and without a wrinkle.


A steamer is not only used for your suit alone but for all your clothes. Steam your suit before hanging them to air dry to refresh the suit and remove any odour.

It will also take away the wrinkles that may be present.

Should you wash a suit jacket in the washer?

Yes, however, ensure that you turn the suit jacket inside out and drop it in a mesh bag before washing.

Depending on the washing machine you use, go for the gentlest washing option and set the temperature on cold. These steps will ensure that your suit is not damaged even after you’ve washed it.

When you are done, hang on a wooden hanger to air dry.

Should you wash a suit that only recommends a dry clean?

It depends on the material used for your suit. However, woollen suits should only be washed by hands.

Dip it in a bowl with ice-cold water and add a detergent recommended for it. Use cold water to rinse when you’re done and allowed it to naturally air dry.

Extra tips for your suit

  • Always hang the suit correctly so that they don’t wrinkle
  • When travelling, pack up your suit perfectly in a good garment bag
  • Protect your suit by having multiple suits. This is to save you from wearing one every day, thereby damaging it


You can clean your suit effectively at home. Cleaning a suit is simple, but ensure that you read the label of your suit before washing it.

No matter the fabric of the suit, only remove stains with cold water and a mild detergent.

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