Inspector Service Group

Inspector Service Group

Home inspection is a vast industry because who does not have a home? Everyone does hence it is important to tap this industry as it has a wide customer range. Many home inspection companies like Inspector Service Group have grown their market to such a level that they have calls coming in a huge amount and it gets very hard to cater all of these.

For this purpose, there is a perfect solution for all the home inspection companies out there to outsource a calling company that will attend to all the queries, respond, schedule and then forward the inquiries and appointments. But the main question that comes in the minds of all the home inspection companies is that they have a certain job and not everyone will understand this or tend to the worries of their customers.

Bad customer services may end up in them losing their clients so for this mere purpose, we have a tactic for you that will help you in the longer run. How about a call center which is specialized for only home inspection companies? Sounds interesting, no? This way, they will be familiar with all the actions and services the company will be providing and they will guide their customers accordingly on what needs to be done in order to get rid of their worries regarding their homes.

A call center that is dedicated to home inspections only will provide a perfect Customer Care solution home inspection companies need which will satisfy their customers. Suppose a person named Ben is calling the company and he is worried that there might be a problem with the plumbing system of his house.

Listening to his problem carefully, then asking a few important questions which will make the problem clear on both ends, suggesting them what could be done in order to get rid of that problem and then convincing them to get a home inspection done from your company along with listing all the benefits and guarantee or warranties that comes with it if they get their services done, scheduling a non-clashing appointments, reminding the company about the appointment and once the inspection is done, perform follow up calls for this information either the client is satisfied with the services or not and if they need any further help.

In case of some issues occurring during the warranty period, take them into confidence and make sure that their problem will be fixed in first priority so that the brand image will remain intact. 

Why is getting some help from a call center important? And specifically from someone who deals in only such services? 

Let’s explain this a bit. Suppose you are a home inspection company and in the start it was easy for you to get calls, book appointments and then go there at times when the workload was less but then due to your good work, you got the popularity of a very good home inspection company and now you are getting many calls.

Some of them will be regarding the problems that people will be facing and they will need advice regarding how to move forward with their issues, some will know their issues and will call to book an appointment and some will just be the calls to know your charges and a chunk will also be given to the calls that do not matter at all but in all these calls, if we start missing a few due to our work, there might be a chance that we are missing a lead.

And if we pay more attention to the calls and not the work, it will end up ruining our good reputation that was made with such hard work. So to maintain the balance, suppose if we are a home inspection company, we will definitely need some help from an outside source and what can be better than getting this help from someone who only deals with businesses such as ours? ICC (Inspector Call Center) is specifically designed to help the residential and commercial real estate inspectors where they can get help from them and then completely focus on their actual job which is to conduct home or commercial property inspections.

In one way this is actually better because a good home inspector might have good communication skills when it comes to being face to face with the clients but tackling customers over call is something that covers a different area of expertise and all the home inspectors may not have the professionalism with which the call center representatives from ICC handle the customers hence give it one try and see the difference for yourself.


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