See the likes of other Instagram users: Updated Guide

See the likes of other Instagram users: Updated Guide

We have talked a lot about likes, even the best hours to get likes on Instagram and the importance of these in the scope of your photos and videos, but what about the likes in the publications of other users? Or even, can you see which posts your friends like?

The influence of likes on Instagram has not diminished, however, the platform has recognized the impact that these can have on the well-being of its users and has decided to take action on the matter to offer a positive user experience.

Until recently, Instagram had the activity tab that facilitated this, since it showed the recent activity of the users you were following. Since Instagram removed this tab, there is no direct way to find out, but it is still possible!

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How to See the Likes of Other Posts

Method 1:

It is quite simple, actually, and it is not a quick process, so you can only use it in specific publications.

It consists of looking directly at the publications that you think a certain user has liked. Start by opening the profile of the user you want to investigate, go to their followers and open the profiles with which you think they have interacted.

Finally, you will only have to open the publications and you will see the name of the user you are investigating as a prominent like under each image.

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Method 2:

Another manual method is to go directly to the post that you think the user you are researching has interacted with. Open the list of likes and at the beginning, you will find the users you follow who have liked that publication. You can consider SuperViral for buying any of social media related products.

Method 3:

Network management tools like Crowdfire can help you keep track of the activity of the people you follow and can make it easier to know who they have liked. In addition, these types of apps allow you to know which users have stopped following you.

Why doesn’t Instagram show the likes of other users?

Instagram has evolved a lot since its launch in 2010 and the motivation behind this evolution is to make the app a healthy and positive environment for users.

Actions such as hiding likes on Instagram or not being able to see who likes other users ‘posts respond to the platform’s users’ need for privacy.

Although there are still manual ways to access some of this information, Instagram seeks to make its users focus on what really matters: the content and the connections between them.

These methods that we have explained to you are legitimate and reliable. While there are others that may be able to offer you a little more information, the truth is that these questionable methods can put your account at risk and go against the real purpose of Instagram.


Why did Instagram remove the activity tab?

There is no clear reason but the most recent changes to Instagram have been focused on privacy and improving the user experience of the platform users.

Are there apps to see the likes of other users?

Yes. There are some apps that show you the activity of other users. However, you should make sure to use a reliable application to take care of the security of your account.

Can other people see what I like?

No. At least not directly. Other users can use these methods to see which posts you have liked.


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