Significant tips to remove mugshot for one’s safety

Significant tips to remove mugshot for one’s safety

Mugshots are an important part of the judicial system. These are photographs that are taken when an individual is being booked by authorities. Most commonly, these pictures are taken after an inmate has been charged with a crime and held in custody. Because mugshots hold such importance as legal documents, it can be difficult for anyone to remove them from the internet permanently. However, there are steps that anyone can take to reduce their online presence and diminish their search results appearing on Google.

The following information is intended to provide additional insight into how to remove  mugshots from Google using effective methods:

1) Request Removal From Court Clerk: The first option is to request removal from the court clerk’s office where one was originally charged and booked. However, this is only an option in certain jurisdictions.

2) File A Petition With The Court: Some jurisdictions allow people to file a petition with the court system. This is called the right to information act or expungement of records. Remember that one still has to pay all fines and fees that are owed but his record will be sealed so it’s not visible for anyone doing an online background check.

3) Obtain A Governor’s Pardon: If one has served your time and completed probation, you may be able to get a governor’s pardon which removes your mugshot from Google permanently

4) Try To Remove Them Yourself Using Online Methods: There are many online services which offer “removal” of mugshots from Google for a small fee. However, these are rarely effective and do not work at all in many cases.

5) Have A Lawyer Help one: Another option is to have a lawyer help you remove your mugshot from Google. This can be an expensive option, but it may be the only one that works effectively if everything else fails.

3) Use Detailed Keywords: Using detailed keywords related to one’s specific case while searching on google will usually turn up results with smaller websites where your information is available.

4) Beware Of Other Mugshots Websites: There are dozens of mugshots websites other than google which offer mugshot photos for free or charge money to take them down. These often use similar names (ex: and frequently appear at the top of Google search results for specific names and terms.

5) Use A Professional Service: Mugshot removal services are companies that remove your information from websites and search engines, such as, background, or (note these examples may not be accurate). These services can vary greatly in price and some will work more effectively than others due to their knowledge of new sites constantly popping up across the internet where mugshots are posted.

6) Remove one’s Social Media Profile: Removing your social media profiles is often an effective strategy for minimizing your online presence and lessening your Google results on searches involving your name.

 7) Contact A Web Optimization Company: Finally, if you are still having issues removing your mugshot from Google search results or other websites after doing all of the previous steps, consider hiring a web optimization company for assistance. This is often the most expensive option and should only be considered if everything else fails.

Mugshots can be difficult to remove from Google and other websites because they hold such importance as legal documents. However, there are steps that anyone can take to reduce their online presence and diminish their search results appearing on Google.


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