The Benefits Of Having A Vertical Garden

The Benefits Of Having A Vertical Garden

Are you in love with gardening? But seldom in most cases you will not have enough space to maintain a garden. Then a vertical garden in Dubai could be an ideal solution to your problems. Not only it is a popular concept in recent times but it has environmental and economic benefits. let us explore the benefits of having a vertical garden.

It will save space

Mostly the outdoor spaces are luxury or history. Most of us are known to have tiny or flower bed spaces in our homes. But you may put these small places into use for gardening purposes and it is vertical gardening. It is a place for gardening and you may arrange the plants one on top of the other as some of them may be found in hanging pots. Just make sure that the plants avail proper amount of sunlight.

Enables you to plant a variety of plants

When it is a vegetal identity in Dubai you can experiment a tinge by growing different varieties of plants. It can be decorative or a vegetable plant so as to enhance the aesthetics of your garden. In addition such a garden would be a comfortable one to maintain.

A safe option

Since these plants are located off the ground, it means there less chances of pest in the garden. Even it is going to protect the plants from being damaged due to pets.

Serves as a protective shield

Plants are known to absorb harmful compounds and pollutants. The best part about a vertical garden is that it serves as a protective shield and provides you with a protective environment to breathe.

They insulate your building

A vertical garden is not only going to absorb the harmful UV rays of the sun but it is going to absorb the harmful UV rays, noise and pollution. It is known to regulate the temperature through transpiration and would be cooling down your home.

Enables you to reuse the waste

Such a type of garden can be easily developed by recycled materials like plastic bottles, shoe , basket and a lot more. Hence it is best to be securing all the options that you have.

Provides privacy

To hide it from outsiders you may grow the vertical garden outside the windows. Not only it is going to provide you some degree of privacy but provide you with proper sunlight.

Able to grow most types of plants

It is possible to add on to the variety of plants when you add on the climbers like cucumbers or melons on the downside of your garden. Then on the top the smaller varieties would do the trick.

These are some of the benefits of a vertical garden. Others may suggest it is a form of  stress reliever as it is going to reduce the physical aspects of stress. Hence it is going to promote the well being of the masses. In addition to this it is known to have an amazing environmental impact.


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