Time Frames: Do They Really Matter?

Time Frames: Do They Really Matter?

The forex market has distinct time frames that a trader can tackle. If you’re undecided, read for yourself below which one suits you best and adjust accordingly. Remember that blindly copying someone’s trading strategy may not always be the best so be prudent when choosing.

There are three kinds of Forex traders. Ascertain which one you are below:

  1. Position Trader
  2. Day Trader
  3. Swing Trader

Concepts to Bear in Mind for a Profitable Forex Career

  1. Leverage
  2. News Releases

Two Currencies on the Line

It is paramount to ascertain how swiftly you get defeated in a trade. You can predict the amount of a loss with the leverage consideration. Different traders trade with equally unique currency pairs.

Best Time Frames, you say?

The amount of money for investing and the most common time frame used to perceive trade set-ups are two questions traders, experienced or newbies, must take into consideration when choosing a time frame for best profits.

For instance, the people who are able to allot one or two hours of their day to trading have to analyze the chart for the entry trigger. However, smaller time frames must be implemented to act quickly when an opportunity rears its head for individuals who can invest more time in a day for trading.

Prudent Picking of Time Frame

In short, listen to your heart and your gut. Take inventory of your trading stratagem and styles and match them with the best time frame. Multiple time frame trading is where you combine more than one-time frame to achieve the maximum result. Multiple trading opportunities can be discovered by juxtaposing two different time-framed currencies simultaneously.

If you are going to use this, you can begin with searching for the most suitable entries whilst selecting the longer-term trend. You absolutely have to implement the 1:4 or 1:6 ratio whilst interchanging between the time frames. The 1 in the ratio represents the 1-hour time frame, and the 4 and 6 represent 4 and 6 hours respectively. Extended time frames allow you to analyze and set up the trend and coincidingly search for optimal entry points with transient time frames.

Adding medium time frames is necessary when you desire to have a more detailed analysis. Indicators can be used in this strategy as a tool. When managing different trading positions simultaneously, this strategy is a huge help.


You have now been enlightened on the different time frames in forex trading. With this knowledge, you are now capable of prudently deciding which method to pursue in your better interest. Discipline, understanding technical tools, fundamental analysis, and top-notch perusing of the forex analysis charts make an excellent trader. On a small side note, don’t forget to have fun doing what you do, and maintain updated with the latest news and forex signals to ascertain potential opportunities and risks in the foreseeable future.


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