10 Tips for Customized Packages to Boost Your Product’s Sales

10 Tips for Customized Packages to Boost Your Product’s Sales

Customized packages are a good way to sell a product. They let people choose what they want instead of just offering one thing. Customized packages make people happy because you care about them. You try to make them happy with what they want. Here are ten tips for making the perfect custom boxes packaging!

Make It Stand Out from the Pack:

If you want your package to stand out from the rest, all eyes must fall on it. It needs a unique color or a catchy headline so that consumers will pick up this package over others on the shelf. Using flashy colors may effectively capture attention; however, if they’re not combined with other printing techniques such as shiny foil stamping or embossing, what’s the point? Be innovative and use creative ideas, such as making an entire box panel transparent or covering the box with a thick waterproof coating.

Know Your Target Audience

Your printing design should also be a reflection of the type of consumer you are targeting. For instance, teenage girls may prefer packages that are pink or have girly designs. Boys might like packages that are bolder and stronger looking.

Older people like colors such as black and gray and designs that are simple. They don’t like logos or words that are too big. If your product is for everyone, make a package that is unisex. This way, people of any gender can pick up the product without being scared or confused.

Make It Compact and Lightweight

Another common mistake most marketers make is to produce heavy and bulky packages. While this may not affect your products too much, you will lose out on potential buyers. Whenever they need to bring your package with them, it will be an inconvenience for them.

It is difficult to market a product that is both lightweight and compact. The best way to do this is by using plastics. There are different types of plastics, but they are all light. You can also use aluminum because it is light yet strong enough for people to carry it around easily with them wherever they go.

Use Your Product’s Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Your product’s packaging can help you get people to notice your business. To do this, you will need to customize the design based on things like age, gender, and other things like interests and lifestyle. For example, you can make your package look sleek and playful if you want to target teens. Or you can make it more mature with colors like black or brown if only adults will buy it.

You should also keep in mind that promotional tools like colored boxes and printed logos not only make packages more attractive but also increase their ability to catch people’s attention when they are next to other brands.

Never Forget to Think About Environmental Safety

When you’re trying to come up with packaging designs, it’s important that you think about the environment as well. This is because there are rules that need to be followed when you design packages for dangerous materials.

You want to avoid an environmental incident, so make sure you choose designs that minimize spills and other accidents. Put information labels where people can see them instead of in a box. If your product has sharp edges or pointed parts, put warning leaflets inside the package. This way, if the box is damaged during delivery, the customer will know to be careful.

Put Some Thought into Creating Packages that Are Easy to Open

Some people like to open packages with difficult-to-open plastic clamshells. But it can be hard and time-taking. You might want to make boxes that people can easily open and do not need a knife or scissors.

If you want customers to come back and buy more of your product, then be sure to make it easy for them. For example, you can put a box that is also a container in the shape of the product. When they open it, then there is no need for containers or anything else to carry it when they leave.

Make Sure Your Product Details are Clearly Displayed for All Customers

Customers should be able to find all of the most important product details without having to move any flaps or lift-up boxes. It doesn’t matter how great your product is if they can’t even figure out how it works after opening the box!

Make sure Your Boxes Fit Your Products Snugly, Especially Large Pieces

If your shipment arrives and your products are rattling around in their boxes with lots of room to move about, then that means you got a little too excited with your measurements and cut out too much cardboard. A good way to test the snugness is by closing up the box while holding down one of its corners and then shaking it back and forth a bit. If you hear anything inside the box, even a single coin falling out, then you’re going to have some unhappy customers.

Use Combination Locks Instead of Duct Tape on Open Flaps

You probably find yourself tapping your boxes shut because you haven’t yet invested in a few combination locks. Of course, I don’t blame you for that! But using more expensive materials while making your products is the best way to avoid returns and cut down on customer dissatisfaction. It costs so much less than replacing a product after it has been returned and gaining a positive reputation by having satisfied customers will help offset any additional cost due to lost sales from dissatisfied customers who return products, they’re unsatisfied with.

Include an Instruction Manual with Every Product You Sell

This doesn’t have to be a book or a pamphlet, but it needs to include some kind of directions with visuals. You can include links on your product page back to more detailed step-by-step instructions if you add them online. Include images and explanations for how many times you should press the button before putting it on someone’s head, etc.

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