Make this festive season memorable through splendid Karwa Chauth Gifts

Make this festive season memorable through splendid Karwa Chauth Gifts

Indian festivities are inching closer, and we are restless with excitement. Among the popular celebrations, Karwa Chauth is one, and it is a celebration of love and marriage. This festival is most popular in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, but North Indians celebrate it with aplomb. Karwar Chauth concentrates on the everlasting bond of love between a husband and wife, where the wife observes a fast for her husband. They do the fast for enhancing the life of their husband and for their safety. They hold the fast throughout the day; it starts at sunrise and ends at moonrise.

Among all the festivals, Karwa Chauth is the most popular and significant celebration for married women of North India. This festival is a pious celebration of the marriage bond, and it begins with the morning prayer and sargi. Sargi is nothing but a healthy meal that makes sure they can keep up the routine of fasting till late at night. This festival is also a crucial gifting moment, and there are countless Karwa Chauth gift options.

Where to buy Karwa Chauth gifts?

Karwa Chauth is a chance to show how much we care for our family and our significant other. So it is a common courtesy to get gifts for our loved ones as a token of our affections. Most people choose to do their festive shopping from online stores as it is much easier. There is a wide range of Karwa Chauth gifts at online stores to surprise your partner with, and such variety will be tough to get in offline stores.

Online stores like OyeGifts do a fabulous job arranging the new and trending Karwa Chauth gifts, and their packaging is beautiful beyond measure. The discounts and coupons are money-saving and every shopper’s dream.

What to choose for Karwa Chauth Gifts?

There are many gifts to choose from, but here is a list of the common Karwa Chauth Gifts you can get this year –

Sargi Thali

Sargi is a significant part of the Karwa Chauth festivities, and the sargi thali is usually prepared and given by the mother-in-law of the family. There are many beautiful sargi thalis in online stores, and generally, they come in combos. Customers can get offers on wonderful sargi thalis with lota and potlis filled with dry fruits. There are often designer channis included in the hampers too. Throughout the day, the wives depend on the nutritious goodness of the sargi food to get through the fast.

Chocolate Delights

Getting each other chocolates is a lovely gesture, because who doesn’t enjoy chocolates? A basket of sweet treats is perfect as a delicious surprise for your spouse. If they have a sweet tooth, they would appreciate a basket of chocolaty goodness. According to research, dark chocolate is excellent for our health, so you can go ahead and present it with no guilt. Online stores have many wonderful presentations of chocolates; they arrange some as bouquets, and they pack some in colourful boxes or innovative baskets.

Dry Fruits Hamper

Just like dark chocolates, dry fruit hampers have health benefits and these are the perfect choice of a gift for Karwa Chauth. Dry fruit hampers are immensely popular for Karwa Chauth and Diwali festivals, so most online gift portals will have those in stock. Sites like OyeGifts and many others will have beautifully packaged dry fruit hampers at affordable costs. A typical dry fruit hamper will have items such as raisins, cashews, almonds, and pistachios, and they are an attractive delight.

Flowery Gifts on Karwa Chauth

Your wife will observe a fast the whole day and praying for your good health, and you should appreciate that kind of devotion. So, gift her a bunch of fresh flowers this festive season, and she will be surprised and pleased. Roses are always linked with romance, so a rose bouquet would be appropriate. Apart from that, you can choose to go with orchids, lilies or carnations. Flowers are the simplest gift, yet they bring so much joy and happiness.


Women love their accessories, and your wife will be pleasantly surprised if you manage to get her accessories this festive season. Much of it depends on your wife’s dressing style, and thankfully online stores keep a wide range of women’s accessories to choose from. Everything from gold necklaces to designer earrings will be available in high-end online gift portals. You can also opt to personalize your gifts, by adding a picture in a pendent. There are many different ways to do this, and the process is very simple, although it differs from store to store.

Apart from these options, you can choose other gifts, such as spa hampers, jewellery and handbags and much more. Karwa Chauth gifts are all about getting something special to celebrate the bonds of love.


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