Trek to the Rupin Pass in the Himalayas

Trek to the Rupin Pass in the Himalayas

Rupin Pass is a hiking tour from Dhaula camp at Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla, Himachal Pradesh, crossing Uttarakhand near Kinnaur Valley; this itinerary is also used by shepherds. The Rupin Pass is a high-altitude hiking route. Each km offers various splendid views and sceneries and it is a journey full of surprises and thrills at every turn. Know about Sandakphu Trek

The Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh India is an enthralling valley in the Garhwal Himalayas in the Uttartarkshea district. The Himalayas certainly have a beautiful beauty, an unforgettable climate, and a desirable green wilderness. So, what else can be better than a few days of calm?

What’s Rupin Pass Trek’s Dhaula base camp?

Dhaula is located close to the bank of the Rupin. Dhaula is a lovely campground. All are captivated by the beauty of this place. This place looks more beautiful due to the flow of the Rupin River.

It seems that we are welcomed by the lovely mountains. You will see lovely views along the Dhaula path, such as pine forests, streams, mountains, flora, and fauna. You feel the sunrise over a large open field in Dhaula, and the morning rain glows on the forest trees. Also you will enjoy tea or snacks after reaching the Dhaula campsite.

The people of Sewa, Jakha, and Dodra-Kwar used the path to get luggage in ancient times.

See Rupin Pass’s dynamic landscapes

The changing paths and the jungle path will give you a wonderful view, a lot of unexplored places, and views of the Rupin River. This place gives you great views.

Through thick forests, you can walk through snow glaciers from small streams of water to frozen waterfalls, and you can find immense diversity of nature to enchant you.

Rupin pass is a bit challenging but the panoramas are fascinating and lovely.

Discover the magnificent sights of the Rupin Pass and the culture of Kinnauri and Dodra Kwar

In one walk you’ll see wilderness, charming hamlets, snow-covered mountains, exotic fields and great rivers, and this trek offers you an opportunity to explore uncharted places. This place has several bird and animal species, and you can see local culture and lives of the local people.

The village “Jhaka village” is located on the extremes of the mountain cliff, and offers lovely scenery. The temple of Kinnaur, with many floors, gives you an overview of Kinnauri culture.

Rupin Pass Trek Best Time

The best time to do the hike is from 1st week of May until the last week of October, as it is still covered by snow in pre-monsoon and the ascent is difficult.

We are a Uttarakhand local team and have a more experienced Himalayan Way Tour Team for 28 years.

Why select the Trek Rupin Pass?

It is very important to recognize the reason behind choosing Rupin Pass before heading for the itinerary.

For a total of 109 km by taxi and 64 km on foot, the total distance is covered in 8 days. Via Dhaula, Jakha, Sangla, Dehradun

Pass Rupin is a mountain hike at high altitudes At 4650 meters in altitude

Compared to other treks, the start of the trail is moderate. This trek is therefore not for beginners.

Do you need the right clothing for the temperature below zero??

At one place you have seen so many skies as the panoramic view of the Himalayans, you can see pine woods, different flora and fauna overcoming the true Garhwali and Himachali culture and kinnauri heritage.

I believe I believe I believe Make free time with the local team and you will get to know some of the ancient stories about Indian mythology and our local cultures.

Beautiful landscapes with the right photo equipment and additional backup battery.

Only 10 to 12 kg of backpack should be allowed

If a classic trek exists in India, the Rupin Pass must be there. It’s like an orchestra, each hour or so creating momentum with surprises in the scenery. Each step brings up a new panorama, to unfold a new landscape. All of a sudden!

Start your first day of trekking with the surprises. When you see the Rupin river appearing in a wide bed below you about 20 minutes into the trail. And it doesn’t stop here.

The trail leads you through the hanging villages and plunges you into a deep pine forest quite suddenly! This isn’t everything. The route then passes through ice sheets, snow bridges, glacial valleys, snowy fields and hundreds of cascades!

On this trail, the Rupin River remains the only constant that blinds you with surprises. The Rupin’s black waters follow the trail as complementary to the landscape. Sometimes it rushes, sometimes it glides around.

This culminates in the Rupin in the U-shaped Glacial valley in the famous three-stage water fall. It appears that the waterfall falls from the clouds when you see it from a distance!

And this all ends in the adventurous pass climb with an exciting flourish. It is no surprise that one of the top treks is the Rupin Pass. It’s a great experience!

That said, this is a difficult and moderate journey. The landscape is nearly 10 km a day and quite complicated. The ascent of the upper waterfall to the Rati Pheri and the steep ascent of the river Rupin Pass through the gully at 15,380 ft. Get ready! Get ready!

Trek to and from the Himalayas Rupin Pass is walked over a 7-day period (including driving, tap and hydration).

The tour begins in Uttarakhand in a distant settlement of Jiskun and ends in Himachal Pradesh, in the settlement of Sangla. It’s a very unique journey that starts and ends in one state.

It’s a moderately difficult trek (more on this page) that only experienced hikers should try.


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