The Best Tourist Places And Attractions Of Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The Best Tourist Places And Attractions Of Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir – Great Lakes Trekking

If you have friends who love trekking, they will sing louanges on the big lakes in kashmir. Each walker on the Kashmir lakes says that this is the most beautiful trekking route throughout the subcontinent. Some hiking tours come close to the great Cashmere lakes as far as beauty is concerned. None of them could ever go beyond the illuminating effect of trekking the big lakes.

The Trek is an also-high-altitude trek through the Kashmir Valley in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, which is commercially referred to as the Sonamarg-Vishansar- Naranag Trek.

The Trek of the Grand Lakes of Kashmir

How many times have you been on a trekking adventure with five different lakes? Yes, there are about five water bodies on a big Cashmir Intro trek. When each lake rivals the other in beauty, it ends up improving the divinity of another. The fact that one comes immediately after the other adds to the excitement. So somehow, the lakes waiting for you and surprise you.

Reaching Kashmir

You can travel from almost every city to Cashmere in three different modes of transport. Flights to Srinagar can be booked. Or your destination would be Jammu Tawi if you prefer to travel by train. During the peak seasons, additional trains to Jammu travel. The road is the last option. You could drive a car to Jammu if you own a vehicle. As you can see, it’s not a problem to walk to the great lakes of Cashmere.

Where to stay

Because Kashmir is a top hill resort, the hotels are not lacking in this area. From star rating to budget accommodation, everything can be found. But you’re going to trek through the Kashmir great lakes trek. Therefore, during your trip to Kashmir, you will be living in tents. To see pictures of the places waiting for you, you should look for the Internet. You can then imagine how pleasant it is to have a trek and stay.

When to go

You have to avoid snowfall if you want to follow the path connecting the great lakes of Cashmir. In October there is a fresh snowfall. Trekkers exploring the great Cashmere Lake say that between July and October you should plan your trip. You will be informed by the travel arrangers of the best time to hike around the large lakes of Cashmir.

What to do

The alluring beauty of Mother Nature takes your senses on the journey. Therefore, on the big lakes of Cashmere you do not have to worry about things. You will be delighted by the sights you will meet during the journey. For the rest of your life, whatever you see will stay in your head. The imagery will grab on your brain while tugging on your heart’s strings.

What to eat

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy local food on a trek through the giant lakes in Cashmir. Some of Cashmiri traditional dishes include Dum-aloo, chaaman and Rogan Josh. You must eat what you bring with you during the trek, however. In many tourist agencies, a chef accompanies you on hiking excursions. Your dinner will be cooked. Or, you will find small local restaurants where you can enjoy light snacks.

Things to remember

Yes, it’s important that you know some tips to see the big lakes of Kashmir. You walk 10 km every day at least. You will reach an altitude of more than 8,000 feet in a few days’ time. So, you must prepare yourself if you want to enjoy your journey. You need enough endurance and stamina for this trekking adventure. In cardiovascular exercises you must train yourself. This will increase your vitality and stamina.

You’re in luck if you want to know about other renowned sites near the big Kashmir lakes. You could take a tour of the capital of Srinagar once you get back to Kashmir. Sonmarg, Kupwara, Kathua, and more are also available. Naturally, you must pay attention to your route and the amount of days you can spare.

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