A Complete Guide On Guard Tracking Systems!

A Complete Guide On Guard Tracking Systems!

Security has become a vital part of human lives, because of the increasing number of crimes every day & the threat associated with roaming freely. Most high-class people prefer hiring bodyguards for their security, which up to some extent is acceptable &is mostly used. These guards help in protecting you from any mishap, injury, threat, etc. So that no harm is caused to you & your family.

If you are one of those companies that provide guards to such people, you are advised to make use of guard tracking systems. These tracking systems keep a check on the activity of your guards, including where they go, with whom they connect &how much time they were there for. All these things can help you in better administering your team of guards. The real-time information of the guards is provided through a GPS tracking system, so you can trace their location at any time of the day.

Reasons for use of guard tracking systems:

  • To get an idea of job performance: Often, management teams and supervisors will prepare Tour Schedules and establish expectations regarding what types of areas are to be visited within these Tours. In the long run, this prevents laziness by ensuring a property/job site is properly inspected and attended to. Staff is then evaluated on their efficiency and thoroughness and spoken to if they consistently overlook areas during a patrol. 
  • Provides proof of presence to the client: Managers and supervisors often keep detailed records of the days and times that their staff verifies the locations to show that security personnel is doing their job as instructed – so clients will be assured that their security staff is doing a proper job. 

Benefits of using guard tracking systems:

  • Every guard has completely monitored: An outdated approach to managing the ground forces will not benefit anyone despite the technology available. Security guards can be tracked with a tracking system. With the help of a tracking system, you can keep an eye on each security guard.
  • Effective tracking of guards: The security guard tracking system alerts the guard should there be any lapse, as well as the reporting person, who will proceed accordingly to organizational policy. The security guard tracking system assists in planning routes efficiently for security vehicles.
  • Prompt notifications: A security guard tracking system sends an instant notification to the designated person notifying them of missed rounds or other failures to perform their duties.
  • Helps maintain attendance of guards: By doing so, you can track the security guards on duty and better manage their allocation. It can also be easily integrated with your HR system to enhance the overall productivity of your company.
  • At the time reporting: A guard tracking system allows security guards to record incidents that occur during their patrols for later assessment and prevention. The incident details are recorded in the guard tracking system depository for later use.

There are various devices that you can use to keep a check on your guards. To find the best guard tour device, thorough research should be done about the applicability of the devices & the cost associated with them. 


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