All About the Best Place In Uttarakhand – Nag Tibba

All About the Best Place In Uttarakhand – Nag Tibba

First and foremost, we might want to thank our school office who gave us a ton of opportunities, henceforth we had the option to go on this trek. As we are engineers we generally have a participation issue, that is the reason each time we need occasions to execute any outing plan. This time our outing was somewhat not the same as our past trips. It was anything but an overall journey, it was a “trekking trip”. What’s more, we made this arrangement only one day prior to leaving. This time we went for moment arranging. 

About Nag Tibba Trek 

Nag Tibba trek is wonderful and best for fledglings. On the off chance that you are doing a trek interestingly, this would be best for you. The trek gives you every one of the things Himalayan excellence, thick woodland, snow (winter season just), rough regions, vegetation, and fauna, and so on. The principal benefit of this trek is that it requires some investment to finish the full trek. So in case you are an understudy or a task individual, you can do it at the end of the week easily. 

Nag Tibba, likewise called “Snake’s Peak”. It is the most noteworthy top in the lower scope of the Himalayas. It is situated in the Tehri area of Uttarakhand state. The pinnacle is arranged at an elevation of 3022 meters (9915 feet) and from the culmination, one can encounter the wonderful perspectives on Bandarpunch and Swargarohini tops. 

Long Itinerary: 

Day 1: Delhi-Mussorie-Panthwari 

Of course, our excursion began from the public capital, Delhi. No, we are not Delhiites, we are just concentrating in NCR (National Capital Region). We as a whole came from better places yet have a place with a similar state “Uttar Pradesh”. We made our initial move towards our objective from Kashmere Gate ISBT. We purchased three tickets for Mussoorie and the expense was ₹317/head. On the off chance that you are going through this ISBT, don’t accept tickets from individuals who remain close to the transport. They are dealers.

They will charge you more or you might have a few issues also. So either purchase tickets just from the ticket counter or from the conductor. Our transport flight time was 21:30, yet it left a bit late on the grounds that the driver was occupied with his work. Our excursion time was around 8 hr. We arrived at Mussoorie toward the beginning of the day at 6:00. The climate was cold. 

Day 2: Trek Day, Reach Nag Devta Temple and Nag Tibba Top and Back to Panthwari 

We began our trek at 7:00 am with our aide. The all out length of the trek is 18 km (all over). At first, the course was less steep and simple. As we were moving towards the pinnacle the course was getting troublesome and more extreme. Subsequent to finishing our first hour I asked the aide “Bhaiya aadha raasta toh ho gaya kya?”(Have we finished our midway?) and the aide answered, “abhi aadhe ka aadha bhi nahi hua”(You haven’t finished one-fourth of the way yet). At that point we felt that trekking isn’t that much simple as it looks. 

Then, at that point, we proceeded until we came to midway. Subsequent to coming to, we chose to take some rest and drink a few squeezes and afterward filled our water bottles prior to continuing. The aide let us know that further there were no wellsprings of water.

The picturesque view from the path was amazing and it was getting more excellent with each progression we were taking towards the pinnacle. At 12:00 we arrived at Nag Tibba Base. First and foremost, we visited the Nag Devta Temple and afterward we had our lunch. We bought juices, bread, rolls, chips, and jaggery for our lunch. 

After this, we continued the trek to arrive at the highest point of Nag Tibba. The path to the highest point was a lot more extreme than the past one. The course was brimming with snow. Around 13:50 we arrived at the top. The view from the top was brilliant, it appeared as though we were remaining at the entryway of paradise.

Actually nothing is more lovely than nature. In the wake of investing some energy at the top and clicking photographs, we began descending. While descending, the climate turned and we encountered hail storms and rainbows. By around 18:30 we returned to our room. 

Day 3: Pantwari-Mussoorie-Delhi 

At 8:00 we jumped on a Mahindra jeep and said, “bye” to Nag Tibba. After 3 hrs, we arrived at Mussoorie and there we did our lunch. At Mussoorie library chowk there was an eatery named “Laxmi Misthan Bhandar”. Its food was truly delightful and it was not expensive. That is the reason we are highlighting this eatery.

We ate sandwiches, samosas, chole-bhature, bread-pakoda, gulab-jamun, ras malai, and some container wali mithai. Each cooking was delectable and pastries were simply mouth-watering. On the off chance that you go there, you should attempt a few dishes at this eatery. 

Then, at that point, we took a transport to Dehradun. Mussoorie to Dehradun transports are accessible after each thirty minutes yet direct transports from Mussoorie to Delhi are less. From Dehradun till 23:30, consistently you can get a transport for Delhi.

We arrived at Dehradun at 14:00 and we were left with the entire day, so we chose to watch a film in a shopping center. We watched “Kingsman – The Secret Service” and from that point onward, we returned to Delhi. The expense of the tickets from Mussoorie to Dehradun was ₹70/head and Dehradun to Delhi was ₹256/head.


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