5 Best Services offered by Amazon Web Services in 2021

5 Best Services offered by Amazon Web Services in 2021

Cloud computing services, such as those offered by Amazon Web Services. they are increasing rapidly in 2021 for small and large organizations alike. AWS is currently one of the top tech companies. Because it offers simple and effective services that are easy to use. In 2021, there will be 5 primary services offered by AWS: EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, and API Gateway.

This article takes a deeper look at each service offered by AWS. so you can decide which one best suits your needs!

EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud

In 2021, many companies will continue to build their infrastructure on elastic compute cloud (EC2) as it offers an affordable way to run servers without capital expenditure costs. 

Once a business has the required amount of servers to support its workload. EC2 will provide a pay-as-you-go option where you only have to pay for the time that your server is active. 

This service eliminates the need to purchase new hardware. when you need more servers or power existing ones down when not in use. In 2021, there will still be some businesses that prefer running on physical machines. Because they might feel safer and don’t want any latency issues with virtual instances.

However, most companies are already planning their migration from having physical machines to running solely on cloud services such as EC2.

In 2021, every business should consider building their infrastructure on cloud computing services instead of purchasing expensive hardware upfront. Also, companies can easily upgrade their infrastructure on demand whenever they need more power.

S3 – Simple Storage Service

In 2021, most companies are currently using web services that are built for the cloud. This will continue to grow as the storage capacity of hard disks reaches its limit. 

S3 provides reliable storage, which is accessible from anywhere around the world via HTTP/HTTPS. A business will only have to pay for what they use.

This model makes it very cost-effective compared to purchasing expensive hardware solutions upfront or buying overpriced storage capacity from leasing companies. 

Not only can you store files in S3 but also create your content delivery network (CDN). Where you can host your static websites for better performance and security by using AWS CloudFront, offered by AWS.

In 2021, S3 will continue to be a popular choice for businesses as the demand for storage capacity is only going up.

RDS – Relational Database Service

In 2021, many software companies are currently using databases from other large vendors. Such as Oracle because of the licensing costs. However, in 2021, cost-effective open sources databases such as MySQL and MariaDB. They will slowly take over the market due to their ease of use and low total cost of ownership (TCO). 

RDS makes it easy to switch from one open-source database to another without any high availability issues by seamlessly replicating your data. This service also provides automated backups. So you do not have to worry about restoring your database from an older version or, worst case, having to reenter all your data.

In 2021, the most significant advantage of using open source databases will result in more companies switching from expensive software licenses to RDS. Because it is easy to set up and eliminates any downtime issues.

Lambda – Serverless Computing

Cloud functions are becoming more popular as companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft build their own serverless computing platforms (or at least offering them for public use). 

When you think about it, cloud functions are not new; they have been around since 2011. when Amazon Web Services first launched Lambda. However, no platform made it easy until now.

AWS has already built support for many programming languages (Java, Python, etc.) and package managers (NPM). So you can integrate with any third-party software.

All of your code is executed in a sandbox, which means it runs exactly how you programmed it to and once you finish. AWS takes care of allocating more power as necessary as your code executes.

In 2021, after the rising demand for serverless computing platforms, many business applications will be built on top of AWS Lam`bda.

In 2021, almost every company will have at least one function running on Lambda!

API Gateway

With the rising need to make web service requests programmatically (without requiring an individual user account or password), companies started re-building their legacy services by exposing them via an API interface.

This resulted in a spike in usage because now you do not need to write any new code; you can make an HTTP request to their existing service. 

AWS has already built an API Gateway that makes it easy to host your RESTful APIs (or GraphQL APIs) by setting up routes and endpoints through its simple web interface.

In 2021, most companies will expose their services via the cloud for greater flexibility without worrying about building scalable infrastructures or maintaining legacy solutions.

In 2021, many companies will continue using AWS API Gateway because it is easier than creating their infrastructure!


By 2021, Amazon Web Services has become a household name because of its convenience in utilizing its cost-effective services without worrying about downtime or scalability issues. Still not sure which service is right for you? Let’s go through each one and I’ll give you my recommendation:

As more people realize that open source databases like MariaDB and MySQL are full-featured and easy to use (with RDS). Amazon Web Services will see a spike in usage as companies realize they do not need to pay expensive software licensing costs. 

In 2021, the most significant advantage of using open source databases will result in more companies switching from expensive software licenses to RDS. Because it is easy to set up and eliminates any downtime issues.

By now, I hope you have even more reasons why Amazon Web Services will be so useful in 2021. If not, I recommend looking at the footnotes below as they provide excellent resources on this topic.

In 2021, Amazon Web Services will be even bigger than it is today because of its flexibility in providing scalable solutions to businesses.

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