How A Slow Leaking Roof Can Cause Flood Damage And Mould

How A Slow Leaking Roof Can Cause Flood Damage And Mould

A leaky roof can cause a lot of damage and at the same time cost you a lot of money. This is because if the leak isn’t found soon enough then it can result in mold which can cause health problems to anyone exposed to it and also result in additional Flood Damage Sydney throughout their home. The following article will describe 5 signs that indicate there is a slow leak in your roof that may not be easy to notice at first.

5 Signs Your Roof May Be Leaking

1      Dark Spot on The Ceiling: If you start to notice patches of dark spots on your ceiling then it could mean there is a leak somewhere, this would require further investigation as the wallpaper and paint would have to be removed.

2      Mildew & Damp Smell: Another sign that your roof may be leaking is if you start to notice a damp smell or mildew has started to grow in certain areas of the house. You may also find mold growing behind furniture or in cupboards along with damp floors and walls.

3      Wet Patches on The Wall or Ceiling: If you notice areas on your wall or ceiling that have been discolored from being constantly wet then this is a sign that your roof may be leaking. This could also indicate a plumbing problem so contact a plumber as soon as possible.

4      Fatigue Cracks In The Floor: You should regularly inspect the floor in the attic to ensure there are no cracks and if you do find any cracks then it would require further investigation to figure out how serious they are and where exactly they’re coming from as this can cause problems as well as affect where the leak is located.

5       Water Puddles In The Attic: By inspecting around your home for puddles of water you may be able to see the exact location where the roof is leaking and not require expensive roofing professionals to do it for you.

If you find that your roof has a leak then it’s important to fix this as soon as possible because failure to do so can result in water damage throughout your home and also health issues if there is mold growing. This can become quite costly and at times very stressful which is why we offer expert advice on Flood Damage Restoration Sydney-wide, call us now for more information.

For more information on how a slow leaking roof can cause flood damage and mold, please contact Flood Damage Restoration Sydney.

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