How do you get more followers on Instagram?

How do you get more followers on Instagram?

A frequently asked question: How do you get more followers on Instagram? This can be done in countless ways. Below you will find many tips & tricks that you can use right away!

How do you get more followers on Instagram? 

Step 1: Like Photos!

One of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is to like other people’s photos as much as possible. Scroll down your home feed and like your friends’ photos. With this, we want to ensure that those who do not yet follow you back, do now.

– Go to the ‘explore’ page and look at the most popular photos, like these photos. These accounts have a lot of followers, if you like a picture of them there is a chance that they will follow you.

– Search for photos of people, things, or places that interest you, using hashtags. Like here again as many photos as possible.

– Another option, for people who want a lot of followers quickly, is to search for popular hashtags like, #followme #like4like or #instadaily. Scroll through and like all these photos.

– Do this with more tags until you have liked about a thousand photos (spread over the day). This may sound a bit extreme, but if you do this every day you are guaranteed to get a big increase in the number of followers. You can boost your Instagram account effectively with bestfollowers.Uk

Step 2: Comment on photos

In addition to liking other people’s photos, it is also very effective to respond to them.

– This gives it more of a personal touch, and people will be flattered by the nice comments that they will follow you even faster.

– It is not possible to respond to all the photos you liked, but try to do this as much as possible. It doesn’t have to be very extensive, a small comment like “nice photo!” or something similar is often enough.

– However, a more personal response is often more effective. Think of “The lighting in this photo is brilliant, good job!” or “You like her! If only I could get my hair like this!” Use your charm, it can take you far.

Provide your photos with text

While Instagram is just photos, it’s important not to forget the power of words. Funny, clever, or unique comments or questions to caption your photo are a great way to interact with your current followers and gain new ones.

– Give a little explanation about the photo you are posting, or what the story is behind it. You can also simply tell where the photo was taken. Don’t make it more than a few sentences, people are lazy and often ignore it if it’s too long.

– Ask questions, this encourages people to comment on your photo. This can be as easy as taking a photo of a new bar in your area with the question “has anyone been here before?”. You can also post a picture of two different pieces of clothing and ask which one you should wear.

– Use CTAs (Call To Action) with your photos. For example, take a picture of what you are doing, then you can ask everyone to take a picture of what they are doing and post it with. This encourages your followers to take their photos and use your hashtag. 

Post regularly, but not too often.

You can’t expect people to follow you if you don’t post photos. So it is important to be very active on Instagram and follow the current trends.

– Post between 1 and 10 photos per day. This way you ensure that your audience always has something from you in their feed.

– However, you should not post all kinds of random photos because you just have to post something. All your photos must have some reason.

– It’s good to post a photo often, but don’t do this too often. Also, don’t post all of your photos at once, spread them out over the day.

Upload your photos at the best times

You may have the coolest, funniest, or most beautiful photo ever in your possession, but if you don’t upload it to your Instagram at the correct time, you severely limit the number of people who see your photo.

– Think about your followers and their patterns. Most people check Instagram early in the morning, before school or work, and on their way home from work in the late afternoon.

– It is, therefore, advisable to post your most important photos around these times.

– According to a survey by ‘Simply Measure’, most people on Instagram are online on Wednesdays between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

– There is also an app called ‘Statigram’, which shows you when your followers are online most often. This allows you to determine when is the best time to post.

– Keep in mind that your photos have about a 4-hour time frame to pick up likes, comments, and followers before being buried by other posts in people’s feeds.

Give shoutouts

Another technique to get more Instagram followers is getting shoutouts.

– A shoutout brings attention to someone else’s profile by mentioning them in a post of yours and asking your followers to follow them (or just a positive word). This ensures that the person comes into contact with a large group of potential followers that they would never have been able to reach otherwise. The idea behind this is that eventually, the person will do the same for you.

– It is of course desirable to do this with people who have a lot of followers. If someone has a lot more followers than you, it often becomes difficult to get a shoutout, so look for people who have the same number of followers as you.

– To give a shoutout all you need to do is name someone in your subtitle. For example, post a photo and put it below it: @username’s page is great! Follow her!

– If you want to make a shoutout to the next level, here’s how to do it: take a screenshot of the person’s profile and then upload it with a text why they should follow him/her.

– If you want to receive shoutouts, it’s best to find a user (preferably someone with related content) and respond to his/her photos with the request for a shoutout and an invitation to follow each other.


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