Does Steam Cleaning Destroy Germs?

Does Steam Cleaning Destroy Germs?

A home is a place where you want to relax and enjoy a peaceful time after a tiring day. But, the dust and dirt that gets accumulated every day on the carpet should be cleaned regularly to maintain a clean environment. This task is often neglected because of a busy schedule. The germs produced due to a dirty carpet can be harmful to the people living in the house. Apart from normal vacuuming, some advanced-level techniques should also be used to clean the carpets from the roots. Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne is a technique that is known for its intense cleaning results.

Germ-Killing Power of Steam Cleaning

Various types of germs can be kept in control by steam cleaning. If you are a health-conscious person and vacuum clean the carpet twice a week, then you should also book a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne service at least twice a year. Skin infections, asthma, fever, and sneezing are some problems that occur frequently in places where carpet cleaning is avoided.

The steam is hotter than boiling water. Germs cannot tolerate the high intensity of heat generated in this process. Every organism right from a virus to bacteria can be killed through the carpet steam cleaning process.

Wondering from these germs come from? They can develop due to various reasons such as leakages in sewage pipes, spilling of water from dishwasher and washing machine, pet urine, decayed food items and so on. The germs start growing on the carpet and soon spread all over the house and people start falling sick. If you have kids, pets or allergy patient at home, then carpet cleaning should be at the top of the priority.

Which Types of Germs are destroyed by Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Bacteria in Pet Urine

The urine and feces of the pets such as cats and dogs have toxic chemical compounds. When the filthy liquid reaches the bottom of the carpet, it starts spreading all over the carpet. The bacteria start to grow and produce an awful smell. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible because it can cause different types of diseases in the house. Carpet steam cleaning can be beneficial in destroying these bacteria.

Fungus in the Carpet

The fungus that grows on a moist carpet can be a great headache. It not only looks and smells bad but has various types of side effects on the health. Fungal infections are very common in houses with mould infestation. This can be treated only with carpet cleaning method like steam cleaning because it requires less water.

Allergens and Waste Generated by Fleas and Dust Mites

Germs also spread in the air through the waste generated by fleas and dust mites that live in the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning is the only way to challenge the survival of these pests.

Conclusion Staying healthy should be a priority for everyone. Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne helps in achieving this goal by destroying the germs. It uses heat to destroy the cell membranes. So, it can definitely be chosen over other methods for sanitization.


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