Going Sim-Free in 2021 – Why the iPhone 8 Sim Free Version is so Popular

Going Sim-Free in 2021 – Why the iPhone 8 Sim Free Version is so Popular

Refurbished phones are very appealing to modern shoppers. Unlike normal second-hand phones, refurbished phones aren’t sold by individuals – they are sold by reputable manufacturers, retailers, or resellers. These sellers ensure that the refurbished phones meet certain quality standards before they’re given to the buyers. 

These phones come with assurances of quality. That’s why buying a refurbished iPhone 8 SIM-free for a discount is considered a safe purchase by modern-day consumers. When you buy a refurbished smartphone, you’re buying –

  • Guaranteed Quality: A phone that has been returned by a customer, not because of quality issues. The previous user may have bought a new smartphone or got a good deal from the smartphone reseller. Either way, you won’t be buying a phone with multiple faults or flaws.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Even if your refurbished phone has some faults, it will be repaired by the reseller before your purchase. Top refurbished phone sellers have massive, continent-wide networks. Every day, these resellers buy and sell thousands of phones. All the phones they buy or sell travel through dedicated repair centres. At these centres, second-hand phones are carefully tested for hardware or software-related flaws. The resellers also update the old phones by downloading the latest operating systems. By the time buyers get their hands on their second-hand phones, the devices are tested for quality issues multiple times. 
  • Data Safety: All refurbished phone sellers observe the international Data Protection Act. They permanently delete all the data of previous users from the phones they sell. Buyers of refurbished phones receive “clean slates.” Their second-hand phones have optimum storage capacities and zero data security risks. 
  • Warranties: Top refurbished phone sellers also offer warranties or guaranteed free repairs with their products. These additional perks protect the buyers from future expenses in case any faults emerge in the smartphones.
  • Amazing Savings: For many buyers, the key motivator for buying refurbished phones is cost savings. In the UK, the average customer could easily save up to £240 by opting for a refurbished smartphone. These devices are “as good as new” but often 40-50% cheaper than brand-new devices. 

Why Are SIM Free Mobiles in Demand? 

While refurbished phones have been popular for many years now, there’s a new craze in the smartphone market – SIM-free phones. As the name suggests, these phones don’t come with pre-installed SIM cards. Hence, users aren’t locked to specific SIM card company networks like Vodafone or O2.

Instead, buyers can use their SIM-free phones to interchange different SIM cards from different providers. Not getting tied to a specific network comes with various benefits for smartphone owners. Here are the main perks of going “SIM-free” –

  • Freedom to Upgrade: Buyers have total control over which networks they use on their phones. Instead of staying stuck with specific networks or tariffs, these users can upgrade their plans as and when they want. If one carrier overcharges, they can easily move on to the next one. 
  • Shop for Customized Carrier Plans: People who shop around for different SIM card options are typically able to secure better deals. That’s because they can choose specific contract arrangements, payment rates, etc. SIM-free contracts from networks are also far cheaper than the pre-defined contracts that come with new phones. 
  • More Appealing in the Resale Market: SIM-free phones are in demand. These phones are also in high demand in the refurbished smartphone market. Since these phones are compatible with all network plans, cost-conscious buyers prefer buying them over usual phones. 

Buying a SIM-free, refurbished phone is a great way to cut spending in 2021. As long as your seller of refurbished phones is reliable, you can get amazing discounts on high-quality SIM-free phones.


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