How Quick Teeth Straightening Are Possible?

How Quick Teeth Straightening Are Possible?

After switching to Invisalign most patients become conscious whether it will be able to give the dreamy smile or not and how fast it works! Basically there is no straight and simple answer to the question as numerous aspects are there to make the impact.

Hence only a thorough dental examination can offer some clarity as everyone’s mouth is different as well. Here in this blog we will let you know how fast and in which way Invisalign actually works.  

Invisalign – your key to straight teeth fast

Invisalign is referred to the modern teeth-straightening option possessing the benefits of being invisible. Also it consumes much less time than the traditional braces in delivering the result.

It is completely comfortable to put on due to the use of transparent plastic aligner making it widely accepted by the patients of all ages who desperately want to straighten the teeth in no time.

How much Invisalign is quicker?

In general, Invisalign works much quicker over conventional metal braces. Due to less dental visits it acts much faster than ever to offer with the desired result. In most of the cases, Invisalign takes only 9-18 months to finish.

When talking about the process, mouth scan will take place firstly. Shortly after, custom aligner is made for the perfect fitting. Aligner has to be replaced once in every 2 weeks to ensure that teeth are shifting towards its actual position. Invisalign treatment comes in multiple set of aligner which can be switched to easily during each dental visit.

How teeth shift inside jawbone

Mouth obtains outstanding teeth movement due to Invisalign. It is comprised of various cell signalling substances, cells and various tissues. After applying force to teeth using aligner or metal braces bone cells and tissues passing through the root start moving. But the rate of movement differs from a patient to another.   

But accelerating and pushing the speed of teeth movement can have an adverse impact resulting in no progress in the treatment. Outcome causes severe damage too to the tissues surrounding the roots and roots itself.

That’s why we always put the interest and well-being of the patients ahead of everything when they request for fast teeth straightening procedure.

Switch to Invisalign

Invisalign may be the great choice for every dental patient dealing with orthodontic problem but it is not appropriate for everyone. For treating complicated orthodontic problems, braces are a necessity! Never be in dismay that you can’t undergo Invisalign treatment. After the complexity is gone you can easily switch to it. So consult with the doctor to know when is the right time to switch to Invisalign. 

Prepare to wear braces

During starting with the Invisalign and traditional braces, teeth-straightening is all about adjusting to the new routine. Your Invisalign provider is going to explain the ways you can keep the mouth clean and how to take proper care of the aligners and braces!

You can feel strange but only by listening to the instructions given the orthodontist can let your achieve the best of outcome from the treatment. Also you can notice the end result ahead of the start of the treatment due to advanced computer technology. Feeling excited?

Braces are not only about enhancing the smile and appearance it is much more than you think. Straight teeth will be easy to clean so there is less risk of dental issues.

At last if you are still in doubt then consult with your orthodontist and ask about flexible payment plans.


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