Tips To Remove Swallowed Teeth

Tips To Remove Swallowed Teeth

Unlikely there are many times when you experience that there is a loose tooth and all of a sudden you swallow it unintentionally with any food pieces. There is nothing to worry about swallowed teeth as it will easily pass through along your stool but if it sticks to any organ then you have to find out the way for its retrieval.

This blog will let you know how to conduct a proper retrieval method. Otherwise you have to take the help of a GP and dentist in St. Albans. Read on this blog to know the method in better way!

Waiting and watching

Determine the right time to visit a doctor

Remember any tiny swallowed particle will pass through easily your digestive tract along food as it is much that of a size if pill and smaller to cause any blockage. But it can stuck anywhere in digestive system which needs immediate medical attention.

You must see a doctor in case the tooth is still within you for about 7 days and you experience vomiting with traces of blood. Other symptoms must be looked for like breathing shortness, wheezing, coughing and pain in chest and belly. Visit the doctor without late if there is tarry or black blood in stools.  

Stool observation

Generally 12-14 hours need to pass the tooth. But there is nothing like surprise if you can find it much later or sooner than from mentioned parameters.


Remember nothing passes at fast rate. It has to reach the digestive system! So you have to be relaxed enabling it to move fast through colon, intestines and stomach.

Consume a good quantity of corn

Kernels of the corn have the ability to remain intact while passing through bowel. Once you are able to detect the corn in the stool tooth detection becomes much easier.

Consume whole grains, vegetables and fruits

It helps in moving the tooth through digestive tract. 

Remain hydrated and go to toilet frequently

Only if dentist suggests then laxative is ideal for recovering the tooth. Ensure that you are taking correct amount of it just to avoid overdose. Remember laxative overuse can create some major impact like bone density loss, dependency and other numerous complexities due to dehydration.

All of these will be followed by lower blood pressure and heightened heart rate. Due to the watery stool or loose stool you can detect the tooth in the toilet bowl.

Retrieval of the swallowed denture

Receive your lost denture

Denture is also swallowed by accident after ingested bones. Swallowed denture can create complexity which isn’t experienced with tooth. 

Remain aware of it

Sometimes crowns and dentures become loose which often neglect by the patients. That’s why they are more prone to encounter serious problems. The material and design of the prosthetic denture is highly harmful for digestive organ and tract. Also the problem will increase if it gets stuck anywhere in the body.

No material used in this is biodegradable and biocompatible as they are made from plastic, ceramic and metal. All of these have the ability to cause harmful effects on the digestive tissue. Ensure that your denture is always intact and firmly holds in its original place.

Remove it during sleeping otherwise it can break. Check the position of the denture often after eating and make necessary adjustments. Or else you can swallow it unknowingly.  

Visit the doctor in case you lose it

In case you accidentally swallow the denture then you must see a doctor as early as possible despite of experiencing any symptoms or pain. Firstly, the doctor will suggest observation and waiting while prescribing an X-ray for determining its location, shape and size. Also you can take help from any St. Alban’s dentist.

Sometimes denture can pass easily via the digestive tract. If it happens then you have to follow the same procedure as there are for teeth. Once it is recovered, disinfect and clean it thoroughly. You can do so by dipping it in the solution of water and household bleach in the ratio of 10:1.


Induce vomiting

Don’t attempt for vomiting unless doctor recommends you to do so! Vomiting post swallowing any foreign item can cause aspiration (inhalation) of the tooth inside the lungs making the task far more complex. When you receive green signal from the doctor just induce vomiting for recovering the tooth from your stomach.

Make use of the container

For tooth retrieval, use the container or sink with closed drain. Although it sounds weird throw the colander content in the sink which allows the watery part to pass through clogging the solid ones. By this way you can vomit to find the tooth or till it retrieves.

Use finger for vomiting

Just stick a finger or two to your back of throat so that vomiting can be induced. Tickle the farthest back of throat just to create gag reflex for vomiting.

Visit the doctor

See the doctor immediately

If the tooth doesn’t pass on its own and you start experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms don’t wait more. It is the most appropriate time to see the doctor on an earliest basis.

Get ready for interrogation

Try to co-operate the doctor as much as you can just to increase the chance of desired outcome. Keep the following information handy:

  • What type of tooth it is? What is it shape and size? Do you swallow it as pieces or as a whole?
  • Have you tried any home remedy to recover the tooth?
  • What are the symptoms you are facing at present like vomiting, nausea and pain?
  • Is there any chance in the bowel movement since then?
  • How long it has been after the incident happened?
  • How it has occurred and what you were eating by then? Did you drink any liquids?
  • Do the symptoms appear suddenly or gradually?
  • Do you possess any medical risk which the doctor must know about you like any pre-existing health conditions?

Strictly adhere to the advice of the doctor

Remember to follow the doctor’s instruction carefully. Sometimes minor-seeming problem can create major health havoc which will exacerbate if you don’t follow the instruction of the doctor. 

Kindly follow the steps to retrieve the swallowed tooth or denture. In case the problem persists visit the doctor without further delay. You can also visit the St. Albans dental clinic to seek necessary medical assistance from experienced and skillful dental team.


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