Top 5 Reasons Why Mold Makers Prefer Injection Molding Technology to others

Top 5 Reasons Why Mold Makers Prefer Injection Molding Technology to others

Injection molding occupies a very significant place in the modern plastic manufacturing industry. Almost all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India make use of this technology to make molds and various other shapes. Today, more than one-third of the plastic products under the sun are injection molded. And mold is the most crucial component that makes it all possible.

A Look at the History of Injection Molding 

The concept of injection molding came into existence in the late 1800s and since then it has witnessed a steady growth while evolving from the making of simple things such as combs and buttons to mainstream medical, consumer, and even aerospace products. John Wesley was the man behind the invention of an injection molding machine in which hot celluloid was injected into a mold to initially result in billiard balls.

As time went by, this technology kept evolving and products like buttons, collar stays, and combs, etc. were built using this technique. The industry witnessed a huge expansion during World War II creating a huge demand for cost-effective mass-produced products. In the year 1946, American inventor James Watson Hendry built the first screw injection molding machine that capacitated plastic engineers around the globe to have more precise control over the overall quality of the end products made this way.

Plastic injection molding in contemporary time

Today, plastic injection molding has become one of the fastest, cost-effective, and efficient technologies to produce a large number of plastic products and components. Because of the ease, brilliance, and reliability, it has become the most preferred choice of all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India for creating plastic products and molds.

Top 5 reasons why injection mold makers use this technology for producing high-quality parts

The formation of intricate and complex shapes made easier

Through plastic injection molding technology, all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India can create highly complex and intricate shapes with utmost ease and convenience. It is because the plastic placed in the mold undergoes extreme pressure that in turn makes it possible to create parts of any complexity with greater details. Working on the principle of high pressure; the injection molding technique scores heavily over all other methodologies in terms of cost-effectiveness, overall efficiency, and capability of producing even the most complicated shapes.

High efficiency

Almost all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India go for the injection molding process to make molds and various other shapes due to its high efficiency and rapidness. Once they successfully create a mold as per the customers’ specific requirements, the making of components then remains a matter of minutes. What’s more, the efficiency of the process capacitates the makers to create various components in a single piece. The rapid product output turns the entire process into a user-friendly, cost-effective, and the best plastic molding alternative available across the markets.

Improved strength

Making use of the injection molding methodology, all the leading single stage mold manufacturers in India can achieve better strength and durability of the components produced including the molds. It is possible because they can make use of fillers in the injected materials. This is immensely useful for the domains that require robust and durable parts that are not possible to be created through other optional technologies.

Simultaneous use of different plastics

Another remarkable reason all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India settle for the injection molding technique lies in its incredible ability to use different types of plastic at the same time. It is possible with the use of co-injection to use the desired and fully customized plastic variants to achieve more strength and better texture.

A drastic cut on manufacturing costs

Injection molding technology works in a fully automated mode making use of machines and robotics. The entire process can be supervised by a single controller that in turn brings a drastic cut on manufacturing costs. The same cost-effectiveness of this technology inspires all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India to install this on to their facilities. 

Apart from this, the fully automated nature of operations makes sure that each part is manufactured to 100% accuracy and standards on the very first attempt producing the minimum possible waste materials. The use of the latest CAD and CAM manufacturing practices also capacitates the makers to achieve a high level of accuracy in the parts made. Once the component is finally ejected from the injection mold, it looks like a finished article that needs no further finishing work.  

The Future of injection molding technology  

A better idea of the future of plastic injection molding technology can be derived from the fact that almost all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India are embracing it to make molds and a large number of other household and industrial items. These include all items that are produced using plastics including computer equipment, water storage tanks, various large and small utensils, drinking water filtration solutions, and washing machines.

The global plastic engineers’ community is approaching corn seed producers intending to utilize corn seeds in place of the traditional petroleum-based plastics. This is inspired by the idea of using biodegradable plastic materials that are already on the market but on a very small scale. In the times to come, injection molding technology will be playing a very crucial role in producing a wide spectrum of items made of biodegradable plastics.

India leads the global market 

With the injection molding technology in place, all the leading single stage molds manufacturers in India make the most of plastics by using their creativity and the power of imagination. Over time, the use of this revolutionary technology is growing by leaps and bounds to make molds and parts of varied sizes. In the past 15 years, Indian companies dealing in injection molds and other components have carved a niche for themselves by delivering high-quality molds for their national and global clientele. 

Concluding Remarks

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