Why The Marines Choose an LPVO (It Makes Sense)

Why The Marines Choose an LPVO (It Makes Sense)

If you have the slightest bit of general knowledge, you might have heard the name of Marine Corps. It is an elite division of the US Navy that has the most talented soldiers.

We greatly see this talent in their rifle and shooting skills.

The Marine Corps conduct experiments of the highest difficulty in many different situations. To deal with that, their defense has to be the best to minimize casualties.

Also, they need to take the offensive so their shots must always get their targets precisely. Therefore, you can leave no doubt that their shooting and rifle skills are top-notch. They make the best use of their scopes to hit their target on the mark.

The Marine Corps is the only division of the US Military that uses LPVO scopes. Now, you might be wondering as to why the Marine Corps chose LPVO scopes.

The most traditional and commonly used scopes are the red dot or the high power magnifiers. But there is a good reason for this choice of rifle scopes.

The LPVO has areas where it far exceeds the other scopes.

What Is The LPVO?

Now, before the reasons for LPVO preference, there is something you should know. And that is ‘what exactly IS an LPVO?’

The word LPVO is ort for Low Power Variable Optic.

As the name suggests, the magnification of an LPVI is low-power and variable. This means that the magnification varies from 1x to whatever is the range of scope.

As for the LPVO scopes which Marine Corps use, the maximum magnification can go up to 8x.

Why Do Marine Corps Use An LPVO Scope?

There are many reasons for this. As I have already stated, an LPVO scope has areas which the traditional scopes do not cover.

Due to these added points, the Marines can improve their productivity. Also, in a matter of life and death, they can deal with their missions successfully.

  • With the variable magnification setting, the marines can easily switch between them. This improves adaptability that allows them to deal with different situations effectively. They might have to raid a house or they might have to shoot targets at a long range.
  • With the setting up to 8x magnification, they can easily find and identify their enemies as well. This was not possible with the previous ACOG which only offered up to 4x magnification.
  • Also, the increased magnifying power allows them to read into the situation. Thus, they can even know the terrain which they are about to head into. In this way, they can know the included risks beforehand and improve their chances of success.
  • There is an added feature to the LPVO which compensates for factors such as bullet drop. The reticle in the LPVO scope changes size with a change in magnification. This change allows the Marines to shoot without having to consider bullet drop. Therefore, their shots are much more accurate and time-saving at long ranges.


The main reason for converting to the LPVO would have to do with their extreme versatility.

Marine Corps soldiers have a lot of different duties with different requirements. They can be on guard duty, overwatch position, or a close-quarters mission.

In any of these cases, the variable magnification can cope up with their needs. For instance, someone on guard duty can utilize increased magnification to detect threats.

Someone with an overwatch position can use different magnifications for long-ranged shootings.

As for close-range combat, the 1x magnification greatly increases eye space. Thus, aiming is a lot easier at short ranges and improves accuracy.

However, it is still not on the level of the red dot scopes. But I guess the total benefits make up for that.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

The LPVO has many things that make it a preferable scope choice for Marine Corps. But there are downsides to the increased weight and size as well.

Also, they might not be as durable as other scopes. Thus, they probably won’t last long as the traditional scopes do.

But despite all that, the LPVO is still a great choice for Marine Corps. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of the LPVO scopes.

You can see that for yourself with the improved results of the Marines. With further use and practice, the results will continue to improve.


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