Why Is Solitaire So Fun And Even Addictive?

Why Is Solitaire So Fun And Even Addictive?

It is all true that the game of Solitaire has turned out to become one of the fun and even highly addictive games so far.

This game is popular all over the world and was launched on the digital gaming planet during the time of 1990.

In addition, according to lots of psychologists and researchers, people have now become addicted to this game.

There was this computer addiction researcher who came up with this stat that people are getting immensely obsessed with the Solitaire game.

They play this game endlessly and in return, they are facing sleeping issues and also neglecting their work a lot.

You can say that Solitaire has become an obsession and addiction.

Below you can check out some of the main reasons that will tell you how this game has become so much fun looking and also addictive at the same time:

Easy To Learn:

People have become addicted, obsessed with this game and they find this game equivalent to fun because it is comparatively easy to learn and simple to play.

If you will play this game for once, then you will surely become a fan of it right away.

It gets you into hanging mode the minute you play it for at least five minutes.

In addition, if you get lucky in winning this game for the very first time, it means it will surely become your addiction and obsession. Moreover, it is also seen that

Solitaire games produce a kind of dopamine rush and give you a more compulsive feel.

If you have played Solitaire on MobilityWare, does it give you this kind of feel or not, do let us know!

Solitaire Gives You Unique Goals and Targets and Improves the Learning Curve:

This game has become the most loved game so far because it gives the players goals and targets constantly.

It is because of this exclusive quality that they have marked the game of Solitaire as one of the fun, obsession-filled, and also addictive games.

Most importantly, this game is known and popularized enough because of its learning curve. The more you play it, the more your skills and mental potential will improve.

For those individuals who want to improve and enhance their learning curve, it is recommended to them to play Solitaire.

What you need to do is to beat your own targets and score; this is how to bring a dramatic improvement to your learning curve graph.

It is even believed that Solitaire is a kind of game that has the potential to fuel dopamine receptors of yours located in the brain.

On getting the successive high score, you will experience a better dopamine rush.

Solitaire takes you out from the status of Solitaire

It is just by playing that you will be able to take yourself out from the status of Solitaire.

It is marked and counted to be one of the most relaxing games.

If you often get free time, then make it a habit to play Solitaire as it will improve and boost your learning curve potential.

Instead of becoming part of the flashy and exciting events, you should indulge yourself in playing games that are somewhat productive.

Playing the Solitaire game is not a kind of a Physical Addiction

Keep in mind that playing this game of Solitaire is not included in the category of physical addiction.

Here you will not eat or drink anything for hours and hours, this is just the playing phase that will engross you for hours and hours.

Lots of people are out there that do not feel bad and guilty if they play Solitaire for hours and hours, so that is an addiction on which you do not have to feel any shame.

Moreover, it is a kind of behavioral addiction and nothing more than that!

Playing Solitaire is an escape for so many things

Lastly, playing the game Solitaire is an escape from so many things.

We have already told you that people have become addicted to this game because they want to remove the aspect of boredom from their lives.

In addition, this game is known to release stress factors too.

If you are working somewhere and that place is filled with stress, then play Solitaire for some time and see the magic.

Thus, playing Solitaire will help you escape from the presence of daily stresses.

It distracts you from your duties and responsibilities for some time so that your mind gets relaxed a bit.

Instead of considering this game as addiction and obsession, it is better to conceptualize and perceive it as a great recreational tool.


Now, you can give us your feedback concerning how you find this game of Solitaire and whether you find it addictive and fun at the same time!

No doubt, it is a great game and it has lots of plus points if played in the right manner, right time, and up to the right number of hours.

Let us know and share with us how many hours you play Solitaire.

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