Never Comprise on The Cake When It Comes to Your Big Day

Never Comprise on The Cake When It Comes to Your Big Day

All preparations done for your big day? Wait… still, stuck on the wedding cake? Here’s how to pick one!

When it comes to wedding preparation in Singapore, there are some aspects that are tedious and stressful, and others that are just enjoyable. Fortunately, the latter is the case when it comes to selecting your wedding cakes Singapore. This is the ideal time to go on a research diet in order to select the most gorgeous and delicious cake to serve at your wedding.

When it comes to finding the perfect cake, there are a few misconceptions, truths, and advice to keep in mind. So, choosing a cake flavor appears to be one of the more straightforward selections you’ll make during the wedding preparation process. Different cake tastes have come in and out of favor with couples over the years, much like different design fads.

Here is a brief discussion about wedding cake trends and what most couples are giving their guests these days and how they’ve changed through time.

Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors Throughout the Decade

Regardless of the decade, couples consistently stick to the cake flavor basics, despite the many taste possibilities available. Since the 1960s, the vanilla cake has been the most popular cake flavor at weddings, albeit its popularity has declined from 48 percent of couples married in the 1980s to just 26 percent of couples married in the 2010s. Fudge wedding cakes Singapore is the new trend nowadays.

Don’t pick a cake until you’ve decided on your overall wedding style

Your wedding is made up of many diverse pieces that have been carefully selected to convey a story. One of those parts is your cake, and you want it to go in with the rest of the plot. Other components, such as flowers, location, and styling, usually form the foundations of the story.

It helps to have judgments on those specifics—such as venue, flowers, and styling—made before choosing a cake design. I recommend that the couples plan their wedding cake 3 to 6 months ahead of time.

Consider your cake design wisely

If you’ve had a concept in your thoughts for a long time, chances are someone else has already done it first. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s actually a wonderful thing!

Try searching for your cake keywords on Pinterest and Google to see if you can come up with a vision. Request that your cake designer changes it up and come up with something unique.

Be open and honest about your financial situation

It’s critical that you have enough faith in your cake designer to give them your true budget. There are many ways to incorporate blush pink peony and lace into a wedding cake, and informing your designer will allow them to focus on ideas that are feasible.

Instead of piped lace or a flowery cascade, consider a large statement sugar flower or blocks of color if you’re on a budget. Make your cake the center of attention. It’s crucial to think about the placement of your cake.

You want it to be in the greatest spot for a unified appearance on the big day, as well as the best natural light and backdrop for photographs. Finding a balance can be difficult at times; discuss this with your team as you plan your event venue.

Select a time

Part of designing your wedding cake is deciding when you’ll serve it on the big day. Making time for the cake during the reception is sometimes the best option. Rather than after the reception, when people begin to dance and sometimes drink, this is usually a time when all of their attention is on you.

If your wedding contains toasts, the cake might be served prior to or after the remarks. Before you start cutting your cake, make sure your photographer gets some images of it, regardless of when you decide to present it.

You have a wide range of cake topper alternatives

A traditional figure is always a popular choice, but more and more couples are using the cake topper (and even the cake stand) as a way to personalize their wedding. Consider a clay sculpture of your pet, miniatures of your favorite comic action heroes, or a sleek monogrammed acrylic pedestal to represent you as a couple.

Work with your baker to include an heirloom piece—especially a superb porcelain antique—into an appropriate design. A pair of sugar or gingerbread cookies on a rustic wedding cake can be appealing. Sugar or marzipan miniatures that have been finely sculpted are charming.

A bouquet of sugar flowers, a waterfall of icing ribbons, or even a sugar block hollowed out to show your new monogram are some more options.

A Carefully Designed Cake Can Be the Spotlight of Your Event

The process of selecting a wedding cake (or wedding dessert) is enjoyable. Your visitors will be sure to enjoy the special treat with you if you follow these recommendations and, most importantly, choose a dessert that you adore both in terms of appearance and flavor.

If you and your fiancé don’t get a slice of cake during the wedding, make sure the caterer saves some for you! You don’t want to miss out on the dessert you carefully selected.

While it’s easy to get caught up in attempting to integrate the latest trends into your big day, your wedding should ultimately reflect you and your partner—including your desserts. Whether it’s a classic three-tier vanilla wedding cake or chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk, your guests are there to celebrate your union and will appreciate anything you serve.

You can also order online wedding cakes in Singapore. All hail to the hassle-free cake booking and delivery process!


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