Destiny 2 Xenophage Mission Guide

Destiny 2 Xenophage Mission Guide

Destiny 2 Xenophage is an all-new Exotic coming from the Destiny series. It is a fusion of three exotic weapons from the previous games and improved with new perks and stats. The gun has some cool features that will allow you to get kills more quickly and be in a better position to take down high ranks.

This is one of two quests in the game that feature special machine guns. You will have to fight your way through the Lost Sectors while collecting fragments for the machine gun. The other quest is call The Tower that features four statues and one machine gun. You need to kill a total of 16 enemies to progress this quest. You will also find two special exotic engrams here that further increase the power of this exotic weapon.

The second exotic machine gun quest in the game is call The Tower. In this quest, you have to defeat The Tower’s guardian. The guardian looks like a huge pit monster that has three rows of spikes sticking out of its back. To get past this creature you will have to use a grapple to scale the sidewall and then blast through the middle spike on the right of the pit. The secret boss of this quest is The Pit Boss which can be access by using a special robot called Fistula.

The third exotic quest in the game is call the Road to The Tower. In this quest, you will have to follow along and winding road as you fight your way to the top of The Tower. There are three possible endings in this quest. One of them is that you get away successfully and the other is a failed attempt at the same mission. The Road to The Tower also has two machine gun nests along the way and the map objective is to kill all the enemy soldiers and then rescue the prisoners guarded by The Watchers.

The fourth and final quest in the game is call The Enduring Abyss. In this quest, you will have to find the last surviving destiny 2 xenophageand destroy it. It is recommend that you do this with the help of a rocket launcher. Also, there are four statues in this area. Which have to be shot at using the missiles provide with the mission. When you are done with the mission, a cut-in will appear and you have to defend yourself from the creatures that will attack you.

This is one of the most difficult and time-consuming missions in the game. The Enduring Abyss has ten levels including two bonus ones. If you think you can handle it, you can try this as your first exotics quest. The only problem you might encounter when you try to complete this as your first exotic quest is that the level does not load properly.

The second path uncover is call The Flame of the Reunion. It takes you to an exile location called the Flame of exile where you have to defend yourself against waves of enemies sent from orbit. Just like the previous area, this one loads quite a bit slower than the other one. The Flame of the Reunion features a cut-in where you have to defend yourself against an orbital strike. When you are finish with the mission, you will get the “The Flame of the Reunion” trophy.

The last and final mission in the game is call The Hive. This is a mission-based on a Hive mission in Halo. You have to kill the Queen and save the hive. The enemies here include the Scarab and the Scarabinator.


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