What is Malwarebytes Clean Tool and its importance

What is Malwarebytes Clean Tool and its importance

MMalwarebytes Clean Tool is a security program that offers various tools for PC and phone devices. The interface of Malwarebytes setup is easy and the user can access all its features reliably. The quick clean tool of Malwarebytes scans and cleans all malware from the device. Using the quick clean assures that your device is free from all malware and system junk. 

Importance of Malwarebytes Clean Tool

Cleans the whole PC in few minutes 

You work on the device for the whole day so you barely get time to check PC health. But when you have Malwarebytes quick clean, you don’t have to worry. The quick scanner will check all the files on the device instantly. It takes a few minutes for scanning and removing all threats. After scanning the device, it also shows the unwanted apps which can harm the device. If those apps are unnecessary then you should remove them from the computer.

Secure the device 24/7

Malwarebytes has a real-time security service. When you enable this service, the antivirus starts monitoring the PC actively. When you open a file, Malwarebytes immediately scans it. The file will load on the PC when it is safe. In case, Malwarebytes suspects the file as malicious, it will send the file to quarantine. The real-time feature also scans the downloaded setup. It only allows installation when the setup is safe. Using Malwarebytes real-time issues that your device is always secured.

Maintains the space

The Malwarebytes scans use a minimal amount of RAM cycles. Using the antivirus doesn’t affect the device performance. The setup has a very low system impact which means it doesn’t show down the device and other programs can run on the PC reliably. Malwarebytes also provides a Play Mode where it allows the user to play games or watch movies without disturbance. The antivirus mutes all the notifications and updates so the user can play reliably.

Provides Schedules scans

Malwarebytes respects your work and time. It makes the scans easier so the user can set the scans anytime. Instead of starting the scan process manually; the user can schedule his scans. Once you set the scan, Malwarebytes will automatically scan the PC at a scheduled time. The user can also adjust the protection layer and select the scan modes easily.

Cleans all junk from computer

The quick clean feature of Malwarebytes Clean Tool manages the performance of your device. It removes all the junk from your computer. When you run the junk cleaner; Malwarebytes scans the PC for temp files and other unnecessary files. It removes all that junk from the PC. After cleaning the junk, the free space increases and other apps can easily work.

Provides RAM boost up tool

RAM is necessary to run any application on a PC. But as the free RAM space decreases, apps start running slowly. Whenever the device seems slow, you can run the RAM boost up tool. Malwarebytes will immediately check for all the apps and files which are using the RAM cycles. It removes all unnecessary apps from the background and boosts the RAM. Using Malwarebytes RAM booster enhances device optimization.

Using Malwarebytes Quick Clean assures that the PC is fully secured from all the threats. The regular scans protect the device from all potential malware. Using the junk cleaner and RAM booster improves the performance of the device.

But the user should also take care of the Malwarebytes. For keeping PC secure, you have to clean Malwarebytes health. Whenever the new update for Malwarebytes appears, you have to install it. If the setup is outdated then it can’t detect new malware and the device may get compromised. The update provides the new data on virus charts and also provides fix patches.

While cleaning the junk from the PC manually, the user sometimes deleted Malwarebytes program files mistakenly. Your Malwarebytes won t open if the program files are missing. The user has to repair the Malwarebytes setup. But fixing programs with missing files is difficult. You can use the repair tool but it can’t fix all files.


The best way to troubleshoot this issue is reinstallation. The user can reinstall the new setup for Malwarebytes. In the free plan, you can remove the old Malware bytes and then install a new setup from the web. But when you have the premium Malwarebytes, check for its key. After reinstallation, you will require the product key to activate the setup. You can get the product key from Malwarebytes registered mail. Once you get the key, reinstall the setup and activate the subscription. 


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